Is your company giving best benefits they can? Are you getting the care and attention you deserve from your employer? As an employee, you should be looked after as best as possible by those that hire you. This is something that a lot of us either don’t realize or take for granted. As a result, you’re not getting the care and attention you really should. 

How do you know if your employer aren’t looking after you? Here are three warning signs that you are not getting the company best benefits:

No Pre Employment Medical

Did you get a free medical screening before starting your job? Were your employers keen to see your physical health before they hired you? With pre employment medicals, employers can see how healthy you are and what work you’re best suited for. If you have underlying health conditions, a medical can alert your employer of them, and they can make the necessary changes to ensure you’re looked after and kept safe.

An employer that doesn’t provide a medical isn’t looking after you as best as they can. Effectively, they’re asking you to do jobs without knowing the state of your health. 

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Not Enough Company Best Benefits or Perks

What benefits do you get from being an employee at this company? Do they offer you a pension and that’s it? If so, you’re hardly being well looked after! Employers should make an effort to provide benefits for employees that keep them cared for. This can include things like free health insurance, free gym memberships and so on.

A lack of employee benefits is a big warning sign that you’re not really cared for at all. Especially if you know people working at rival companies that get all of the benefits listed above, plus more. Looking at your benefits package is a surefire way of seeing how well looked after you are as an employee. 

No Avenues of Support

An employer should open up various avenues of support for its employees. In essence, this means that they offer you different ways of contacting people if you need help with something. Let’s say you’re feeling stressed at work and you want to talk to someone about it.

A good employer will have clear places you can go to talk to people. This could be themselves, or it could be a member of HR, etc. The point is that, if you need help and support, you can easily get it – and you know how to get it. If this sort of thing isn’t readily available to you, and you feel like you have to suffer in silence, you are definitely not being looked after as well as you should be. 

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Why does all of this matter? For starters, you’re a human being with rights! You deserve to be treated well and looked after by your employer in return for all the work you do. Secondly, it makes you think if you should be putting all this effort into a job that doesn’t care for you. You wake up every morning, working your socks off, and for what? If your employer is not looking after you as best as they can, maybe it’s time to leave and go somewhere that you’re better appreciated. 

Top 50 US Companies with the Best Benefits

If it is time for you to make a change in employment, according to Business Insider, these are currently to top companies with the best to offer employees in terms of perks and benefits:

1 Google Mountain View, CA

2 Facebook Menlo Park, CA

3 Microsoft Redmond, WA

4 Amazon Seattle, WA

5 Zoom Video Communications San Jose, CA

6 HubSpot Cambridge, MA

7 RingCentral Belmont, CA

8 UiPath New York, NY

9 Apple Cupertino, CA

10 Workfront Santa Monica, CA

11 Capital One McLean, VA

12 Qualtrics Provo, UT

13 GitLab San Francisco, CA

14 ADP Roseland, NJ

15 Bell Fort Worth, TX

16 LinkedIn Sunnyvale, CA

17 Trimble Sunnyvale, CA

18 Farmers Insurance Woodland Hills, CA

19 Thomson Reuters New York, NY

20 Cornerstone OnDemand Santa Monica, CA

21 Costco Issaquah, WA

22 Sage Atlanta, GA

23 Oracle Redwood City, CA

24 T-Mobile Bellevue, WA

25 Airbnb San Francisco, CA

26 City National Bank of Florida Miami, FL

27 UPS Atlanta, GA

28 Outreach Seattle, WA

29 Verizon Basking Ridge, NJ

30 The Walt Disney Company Burbank, CA

31 SBA Communications Boca Raton, FL

32 Chipotle Newport Beach, CA

33 Northside Hospital Atlanta, GA

34 American Express New York, NY

35 TaskUs Santa Monica, CA

36 Cisco San Jose, CA

37 LogMeIn Boston, MA

38 Phenom Ambler, PA

39 Vector Marketing Olean, NY

40 KeepTruckin San Francisco, CA

41 H-E-B San Antonio, TX

42 IBM Armonk, TX

43 Starbucks Seattle, WA

44 InVision New York, NY

45 CSAA Insurance Group Walnut Creek, CA

46 Smartsheet Bellevue, WA

47 ZoomInfo Vancouver, WA

48 BambooHR Lindon, UT

49 Golden Hippo Woodland Hills, CA

50 Alkami Technology Plano, TX

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