It is important to boost your immune system at any time of the year but especially just before winter. This is because as the nights draw in and the temperature drops, many people succumb to coughs and colds. Indeed, winter is a prime time for viruses and infections, so it’s important to boost your immune system and boost your energy levels when you can.

With a strong immune system, you can fight off illness swiftly. As well as preventing you from getting sick frequently, a good immune system will help to minimize symptoms when you do fall ill and enable you to bounce back more quickly. 

Eat Your Fruit and Vegetables

Eat fruit and vegetables

Packed with antioxidants and powerful vitamins, eating a diet with a high amount of fruit and veg can have a direct impact on your immune system’s health. Start the day with a smoothie or add fresh fruit to your breakfast to ensure you’re getting a morning boost of goodness. Similarly, snack on fruit and veg throughout the day and incorporate it into your main meal to up your intake. 

Get Enough Sleep

Get enough sleep

With a fast-paced lifestyle, getting enough sleep can be tricky. However, our immune systems are more ineffective when we’re run down. Changing your sleeping habits and getting a healthy amount of sleep can revitalize your body and keep your immune system working well. 

CBD as a health supplement

CBD as a health supplement has always been used in the form of hemp, so it’s not surprising that CBD can help our immune systems to function more efficiently. The endocannabinoid system in the human body has receptors in numerous types of tissue, so CBD can help with numerous functions. Enhancing hormones, sleep, stress, mood, and metabolism, as well as directly impacting our immune functioning, CBD can help you to stay healthy throughout the winter.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

Wash your hands

Viruses and infections typically spread from physical contact, so washing your hands regularly can help stop you from picking up germs. When you’re out and about, it’s easy to spread viruses or infections by touch door handles and stair rails, for example, but washing your hands as soon as you come in can prevent germs from entering your body and making you sick. 

Practice relaxation exercises 

Being stressed can have a detrimental effect on your immune system, so you’re more likely to feel unwell when you’re physically or emotionally run down. Whilst it isn’t always easy to eradicate stress from your life, relaxation exercises can minimize the impact of stress and help you to cope with it in a healthier way.

Breathing techniques, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi (see below) are all great forms of relaxation, for example. When you practice them regularly, you should notice a reduction in your stress levels and your immune functioning will be improved as a result. 

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Exercise regularly

Working out at the gym, going for a run or playing your favorite sport can help to keep you in peak physical condition. With regular physical exercise, you can boost your immune system and stave off illnesses this winter. Furthermore, exercise has been shown to actually increase energy levels and improve your mood, so it’s a great way to avoid the winter blues too.