How to Promote Your Blog

Running a blog can be a personally fulfilling and profitable venture if done correctly and one of the important aspects is how to promote your blog. There are certain things that you can do to promote your blog, and when you do them correctly, you will gain followers. More followers equal more payout, and this can help support your family. In order to keep your blog going strong, consider using social media, offering free resources to subscribers and writing sponsored blog posts.

Use Social Media

Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram call all be places to advertise your blog. You can post about your latest articles and even offer giveaways for those who like or follow your page. Try not to post too much, but make sure you have enough content to keep your subscribers interested.

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Use Social Media to Promote Your BlogOffer Free Resources to Subscribers

Your blog is likely branded around a certain topic, whether it be finance or crafting or childcare. You can offer free resources for those who subscribe to your posts. This can be an easy-to-use budgeting resource, an e-book on DIY crafts or a food introduction schedule for toddlers.

When you offer a resource that people find value in, you are more likely to get people to follow your material. You can offer new materials on a regular basis to keep readers interested. You can even offer some paid materials if you are able to build value for them. Get creative and it will pay off.

Write a Sponsored Blog PostWrite a Sponsored Blog Post

You can reach out to a company and ask for their sponsorship for a blog post. For example, if you are a frequent user of products from Smokingthings, you can ask for a commission on any products that are sold by clicking on a link in your blog. While every company may not do this, it can be worth asking.

Be sure that any reviews you write about products are truthful. You do not want to review a product just to make money; you are trying to give your readers honest feedback about something you have tried.

Other Tips for Free Blog Promotion

As soon you publish new content on the your blog, these are some ideas on how to promote your blog content:

  • Share the post with your social following and email list.
  • Share it on niche social groups (LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, Google Communities, etc.)
  • Answer on forums to the relevant questions with a link back to your blog article.
  • Reach out to third parties mentioned in the blog post and other websites and social media users who may be interested in your article.
  • Re-purpose it as another medium (slideshow, PDF, video, infographic, meme, etc.) and submit to proper channels.
  • Share your Blog Post into Stumpleupon, Reddit, Scoopit etc
  • Republish it to content networks like medium, LinkedIn Pulse, Tumblr, etc. Make sure you link back to your original source.
  • Network with Industry experts & engage/influence them to share your articles.

While your blog may not be very profitable from day one, it can become a source of extra income when you take measures to promote it. Decide who your audience will be and how you can best reach that population. With some diligent research and insight into what works well, you can be on your way to operating a successful blog. Try these tips to give your blog a push in the right direction.