Get Your Pins Found on Pinterest – Best Practices

You want to get your Pins found on Pinterest and there are ways that work. If you have older content not getting any traction on Pinterest or have created some new content and are looking for the best practices for Pinterest to get your Pins out there, fresh Pins are the way to go. Fresh Pins are a BRAND NEW IMAGE. New as in brand new, never posted to Pinterest before. Your content does not have to change, you can make new pins for existing content and it will appear fresh on Pinterest.

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Creating New Content and When to Pin

We all know that the cornerstone of Pinterest marketing is pinning your own content.  So the best way to do Pinterest marketing and to get your Pins found on Pinterest is to blog at least once a week and make at least 3 pins per new blog post. Pin your new Pinterest image to the most relevant boards first. For example, if your post is about yoga, post it your yoga board, your fitness board, your wellness board. Then when you use your 2nd and 3rd images, you can add them to the same boards but it would be better to spread them out at least a week later.

Love the skin you are in because it’s the only one you’re going to get and using these tips is how to get glowing skin! Look after it and you can stay looking young and dewy for a long time!Here are 6 simple tips to get healthy skin. ... It may add a fine coating to your skin making it glowing skin, but what about your real skin?You will have better chance of someone clicking on them then if they see all 3 on the same day.  If you have several pins and are testing to see which one does better, then you may wish to share them closer together if you are doing a/b testing.

I Am Not Seeing Results with My Fresh Pins

Don’t despair! You will not see your results right away. This new process will take a while for it to take effect. In addition, all accounts are different. What may take a week with one account, may take a month with another. There are may factors in play here including your pin quality, your posting timeline you’re your niche. When you make a change, it can sometimes take 30 to even 60 days to notice the change.

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Easy Ways to Create Fresh Pins

The best way to get on top of creating 2-3 pins for each post is to develop a system to make the process more efficient. Having a few pre-made templates that you can go to that have your logo and wording already in it will make it so you can switch them out and with some minor edits. This way you will easily you will have a new pin with each changes.

If you are using pre-existing templates, the key is to edit them to make them your own. Once you make them to look like your own, it makes a difference; you want them to stand out in the feed. So if using pre-made templates be sure to change the colors, images and text.

8 Tips for Creating Fresh Pins

  1. Let go of “image perfection”. The images may not be the exact image that you wanted but one that is good enough will help to speed up the process.
  2. Change the placement of the headline, if the template has it on the top – move it to the bottom.
  3. Change the overlay color.
  4. Change the opacity.
  5. Get creative and have some fun switching things up, look at existing pins on Pinterest for inspiration.
  6. If you are struggling with fresh content, you can also focus on seasonality. For example, at Halloween, a new image for your cleaning up your kitchen hacks can be dressed up with orange, black, and maybe an image with cleaning up a pumpkin.
  7. If you have a post with what to do with your kids over a school break – this post and images could be re-purposed with breaks over summer, winter, and Easter and so on.
  8. Save time by using a scheduler such as Tailwind where you can batch schedule all those new Pins!

How can you make your own great Pinterest images for your posts? There are some great photo editors:

In addition, there are some awesome places to get free stock images. My favorites are:

Free Stock Images

Free Stock Images – Love It!

When Should I Re-Pin?

Freshness is about whether or not the pin has been seen on Pinterest before. Is it ok to share the same pin to the same board? Yes after 5-6 months. Good for seasonal boards to share for example back to school pins each August.

This is what’s great about using a scheduler such as Tailwind. Look for the “all clear tab” on tailwind to make sure your posting frequency is appropriate.  The all clear is there to help you succeed, Tailwind has thought of everything ?. Part of Tailwind’s SmartGuide. it keeps you up to date on Pinterest’s best practices, so you can focus your time and energy on your business.

Will Posting Multiple Pins for the Same Content Affect my Bounce Rate?

It should not – the likelihood of the same person clicking on all your images is fairly slime – lets face it, there are over 335 million users.  You can also gear the images to attract different customers. For example, a post about a book review on better habits could result in a pin about a book and a pin about better eating habits.

Pinterest Tip!: Do Not Publish to Your Secret Boards First

Do not post to a secret board first and then publish to a public board. It is still considered fresh the first time it is published – even when it is a secret board. If you want to keep your pins ready to go, use Tailwind drafts. You can go into publisher and store the pin and then publish when ready. This is a good way to keep all your drafts to be published on a later date. You can also drop here and then add all the text and keywords.

So remember, fresh content works on Pinterest! Users respond to new Pins and the algorithm loves them, so get ahead of the rest by adapting to these changes now. Tailwind is here to help with SmartGuide.

I have focused on adding fresh Pins using Tailwind and my numbers are going UP! These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.

Tailwind Paige Views

Tailwind Paige Views

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