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How to Recover After a Night of Broken Sleep

How to Recover From a Night of Broken Sleep

There is nothing worse than broken sleep. Honestly, it’s the hardest thing to cope with whether your sleep is broken because of a child or because of insomnia. Stress can cause broken sleep, but the cause isn’t the issue – but the recovery is! Your body requires adequate water, nutrition and rest to be able to cope with the struggles of being awake and in everyday life. The broken sleep that you are getting is going to contribute to your frustration, stress and chronic pain that you may be experiencing. Not only that, but it’s going to make you look drawn, tired and grey in the face.

Of course, the best thing for broken sleep is to get in a nap and catch up with it, but sleep deprivation isn’t always that simple to come back from. You need to do what you can to get a better night and sometimes, that means sacrificing time to yourself. Eye contour gel revives tired looking eyes and that can help to prevent people asking you why you look ill, but when it comes down to it you want to ensure that you feel as good as you can on such little sleep. So, with this in mind, here are some of the tips that you need to cope with broken sleep.

Tips to Recover From a Night of Bad Sleep

  • Stay hydrated. Water can help you to fuel your body and wake your brain up a little. When you are sleep deprived, you are going to find that your brain and body wants to conserve as much energy as possible. This can be done better when you are adequately hydrated, and even if you don’t have an appetite for fresh water, you should work to keep sipping water throughout the day and keep your body and brain fueled regardless. Avoid the caffeine and empty snacks as a way to energize; water is what you need!
  • Move more. Yes, you’re exhausted, but you need to move. Go for a walk and make sure that you’re outside, too, as this will give you a boost and make you feel good on the inside as much as the outside. Get out in the sunlight and allow your body clock to be reset by the natural air! You’ll feel much less sleepy when you’re in the fresh air!
  • Stretch. You need to wake up your body and a good stretching session can help you to do that. Before bedtime and after you wake up, it’s important to stretch out and get limber for the day. It can also help you to center yourself and feel able to function while you are on such little sleep.
  • Fake it! Makeup, great clothes and walking tall can help you to feel as if you are making an effort. Get in the shower and wash your hair, use a hair mask and apply makeup to cover the eye bags that are present because you didn’t sleep well. Keep up appearances and you can fake it till you feel better!
  • Use some Essential Oils. Essential oils can help you stay more alert after you have had a night of poor sleep. For example, Peppermint is a stimulating essential oil, often used for productivity, focus and mental alertness.

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This Easy and Inexpensive Skin Care Routine Will Make You Radiant

This Easy and Inexpensive Skin Care Routine Will Make You Radiant

The quest for a skin care routine that will produce smooth, silky, and radiant, younger skin is a never-ending one. There is a constant emergence of new skincare products to eliminate acne, sun damage and reduce aging signs. Many factors affect your skin’s health, including sun damage, pollution, stress, and genetic conditions like eczema and keratosis pilaris or even lupus. Maintaining smooth skin seems easy for most people, but it isn’t very easy for others. However, the following skin care routine and tips can help you achieve and maintain pillow-soft and airbrushed skin.

Step 1: Moisturize daily after showering

There are different types of skin types; dry, oily, and normal skin, but all require moisturizing to prevent dry patches and flaking, balance your skin sebum production, and replenish lost moisture. Moisturize your skin right after a shower, when it’s barely dry, to trap water in your skin surface layers. Place your moisturizer where it is easy to access, like in the bathroom or next to your other skincare products.

Use creams, lotions, and make-up products like Jane Iredale Amazing Base as bases for moisture retention. Boost these with humectants like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, lanolin, petrolatum, urea, and dimethicone.

Step 2: Exfoliate and cleanse routinely

Routine cleansing and skin exfoliation can give you a smoother and more radiant skin appearance by getting rid of dead skin cells. Cleanse your skin to remove make-up, grease, and dirt clogging in pores without drying it out or over-washing. Include exfoliation as part of your routine, and don’t overlook parts of your body that experience a lot of wear, like the hands and feet.

You can exfoliate mechanically or chemically. Use peels and mildly abrasive scrubs rich in antioxidants and moisturizers to soften your feet and legs. For deeper exfoliation, consult your dermatologist for in-office treatments like:

To acquire that soft and smooth skin, you must go easy on the junk and tasty snacks. Refined carbs, processed foods, and alcohol contribute to the destruction of healthy bacteria in your body and cause a gut microbiome imbalance. This results in inflammation that can manifest itself on your skin as pimples, bumps, and acne.

Incorporate zinc, Vitamin A, and C in your diet for skin health and repair. Eat bright-colored fruits like apples, berries, and Kiwi for vitamin supply and antioxidants. These fruits will boost your skin’s ability to defend itself from radical damage. Include healthy fats that are necessary for soft, radiant skin like omega-3 from fish.

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Step 3: Hydrate with water

Water is your skin’s best friend. Apart from flushing out toxins in your body, water makes your cells plumper. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily and add at least five servings of veggies and fruits. The more you hydrate from within, the more your cell metabolic processes become efficient.

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Step 4: Avoid touching your face

Apart from popping pimples and bumps, which you should avoid, don’t keep touching your face. Only touch your face when you need to, like when cleansing and moisturizing. Touching your face all the time, like tapping your forehead when you forget something, talking to your date, or resting your chin in your hand as you study, can transfer bacteria to your skin and is not the best skin care routine as it will cause blemishes. 

Use SPF and Wear a Hat 

Step 5: Use SPF and Wear a Hat 

UV radiation is the biggest cause of skin damage in older patients due to unprotected sun exposure throughout their lives. Chronic sun damage destroys elastin and collagen that make up the connective skin tissues. Sunscreen is crucial protection for your skin daily, whether you’re going to lay on the beach or run errands.

Sunscreen not only protects you from skin cancer and makes you look better, but it also prevents your skin from drying due to the sun’s rays. Ensure you wear sunscreen daily, even during winter, to avoid rough spots, accelerated aging, and growth. Get yourself a nice sun hat and keep that sun from burning and drying your skin – your 70 year old self will thank you!

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Step 6: Get enough sleep

With the daily hassle of work, stress can wreak havoc on your skin, especially if you don’t allow yourself to rest. Your body recovers and repairs itself while you’re sleeping to give you fresh-appearing skin with plump under eyes. Lack of enough and quality sleep results in premature aging. You end up getting wrinkles, sallow, sunken, dry, and sagging skin. Sleep for seven to eight hours daily and exercise good sleep hygiene to rejuvenate your body and skin.

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Bottom Line for Healthy Skin

Start taking care of your skin as soon as possible to avoid later problems like cancer, sun damage, and premature aging. Get your skin glowing by eating healthy, hydrating with water, using SPF, and routinely cleansing and exfoliating your skin. Get enough sleep daily, avoid touching your face, and use moisturizer after showering.


How to Make Funeral Arrangements

How to Make Funeral Arrangements

In our modern era we don’t even want to think about how to make funeral arrangements, it’s not something we want to face. Let’s face it, most of us are forced to live day by day; stressful circumstances impact people’s means of really thinking and considering the future.

Losing a loved one is most probably one of the most difficult challenges people have to overcome. It is a sensitive time in our lives, and for most, it’s disheartening having to bear the thought that someone is truly gone. Different people handle grief differently; in some instances, individuals want to be surrounded by loved ones; under other circumstances, people would instead like to be left alone to process the events. 

Before your journey to overcoming grief begins, first understand precisely what grief is. Grief is a natural response to loss; while grieving, you will experience some unexpected emotions, including shock, anger, disbelief, and sadness. While grieving is necessary, it is essential to remember that grief can affect your physical health, including sleeping, eating, and even thinking straight.

When grieving, you must understand how to deal with the grieving process. Firstly acknowledge your pain, seek out emotional support, accept that this process may trigger unexpected emotions. On top of that, you have to put your attention towards a funeral as well. Here are some helpful tips when in the process of arranging a funeral. 

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The First Step in Making Funeral Arrangements

When you’re placed in the position where you have to make cemetery and funeral arrangements, it’s very easy to miss a crucial step and on every checklist for making funeral arrangements. Thus, it’s vital to plan and ensure every option is considered with regards to the funeral. If you have someone to help, start by listing everything that needs to be done before the funeral. The person you loved must be buried under the perfect circumstances.

If the deceased is covered by a funeral policy, now is the time to get in contact. These cover options always go the extra mile to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible throughout the process. They also ensure that finances are the last thing you need to worry about while planning. Funeral etiquette is not always set in stone but there are some key points that are standard. 

Burial Options

Once you’re left with the task of arranging a funeral on someone’s behalf, some choices will need to be made. Usually, when making the funeral arrangements, the choice of either a cremation or a burial is made, depending on the wishes of the deceased. If the deceased never discussed this, the option should be made by their closest family members.

Cremation is the less traditional and less costly option in most instances – for people who don’t want to worry about finances, this may be a good option. If finances are out of the equation or the deceased was insured, burial is the more traditional ceremony, but it’s also much more expensive in most cases.

How to Make Post Funeral Arrangements

After most funerals, the family hosts a reception for close friends and other acquaintances. You can either supply everyone with food or use a catering company to assist with this part. You can also rely on the funeral home to help with flower arrangements and pamphlets for the service. 

It’s vital that you still take time for yourself and your loved ones, even while arranging the funeral. You still have challenges to face and obstacles to overcome; it’s one of life’s most difficult hurdles. Be strong and support one another, because at the end of the day family remains the most important thing in life. 


Anxiety vs Panic Attacks and What to Do About Them

Anxiety vs Panic Attacks and What to Do About Them

From time to time, we all feel anxious but it is good to know when it is anxiety vs panic attacks. Whether we are worried about paying bills or unsure what the future holds – it’s easy to let feelings of anxiety overwhelm us.

A panic attack is a sudden and intense  felling of anxiety. Panic attacks can also have physical symptoms, including shaking, feeling disorientated, nausea, rapid, irregular heartbeats, dry mouth, being out of breath, sweating and dizziness and feeling like you are having a heart attack.

The good news is that panic attacks always pass and the symptoms are not a sign of something bad happening. Tell yourself that it is just a feeling and that you are safe.  Deep breathing can help relieve the symptoms of panic. By learning to control your breathing, you can calm yourself down when you begin to feel anxious. And if you know how to control your breathing, you’re also less likely to create the very sensations that you’re afraid of. Overall, the best treatment for panic attacks involves a combination of therapies along with mindfulness, learning deep breathing techniques, yoga and exercise.

However, if you find that you are battling anxiety daily, you must put certain structures in place that allow you to better manage and deal with your feelings so that it does not begin to dictate your life.Panic Attacks vs Anxiety

However, that is often far easier said than done – as anxiety often cannot be stripped away overnight. It takes a lot of work, patience, and introspection – but that does not mean that it is impossible. With that in mind, here are some simple ways in which you can begin to take control of your anxiety

  • Find a way to relax your body and mind, particularly on days where you may feel overwhelmed. This could include meditation, reading, listening to music, or simply spending some time alone. 
  • Take a step back from whatever you are doing, and give yourself a break. Remember that stressful situations are temporary – and you always have the right to remove yourself from a situation where you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed which can trigger anxiety vs panic attacks. 
  • Anxiety is often deeply-layered, which means that many different factors may be contributing to how you feel. Nevertheless, identifying exactly what has caused your anxiety is a great way to manage your symptoms – as you know what scenarios to avoid in the future. 
  • Anxiety often comes hand in hand with sleepless nights, as you spend hours in your head overthinking. However, lack of sleep can lead to fatigue which could also cause more anxiety. Therefore, you must try to get better sleep by establishing a clear nighttime routine for yourself. 
  • Though it can be hard to kick off the day without a caffeine-fix (especially if you are a coffee addict), staying away from caffeinated drinks can help keep your anxiety at bay. This is because highly-caffeinated beverages act as a stimulant, which at times could trigger anxiety. 
  • Make the most of all available resources that can be used to help combat your anxiety. For example, many people who suffer from anxiety find that cannabinoid medicines can help relieve any of the tension they are feeling due to anxiety. You can find out more information about these products and their scientific benefits on this website.
  • Sometimes, anxiety is the result of feeling inadequate or comparing ourselves to others. Therefore, you can reduce this by focusing on building your confidence
  • Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself, who listen to you, and don’t judge you. This is essential, as spending time with those who drag you down will only make your anxiety worse. Though it can be hard to cut people off, sometimes it is for the better. 
  • Understand that it’s okay not to be okay. Don’t tell yourself that your feelings aren’t valid – because they are. You don’t have to be happy every single day, and sometimes you might need a little time to process your thoughts, feelings, and emotions – and that is perfectly fine.  Know the difference between anxiety vs panic attacks and how to cope, goes a long way to feeling better. 

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Relationship vs Dating: Is there a Difference?

Relationship vs Dating: Is there a Difference?
Relationship vs Dating: Is there a Difference?

Relationship vs dating – what is your status? Does it matter? What is the difference? We have all been in that confusing stage between dating someone casually and calling it a real relationship. So how do you know when you are there? The main difference is that the two of you are on the same page, you are connected by a mutual commitment to each other. As a couple, you have agreed, either officially or unofficially, that you’re seeing each other exclusively and are in a partnership together. If you are the only one who thinks it is a relationship, then it probably is not.

What about exclusive dating? That is just dating one person, but you are still “dating”. This does not equal a relationship because you BOTH have not agreed to be in a partnership and be a partner to each other. In fact, it gives him all the benefits of being a boyfriend without actually having to be your boyfriend.

How long should you date someone before you become a “couple”?  Of course it’s different for everyone and for every relationship but typically the optimum timeline is after 2 months of dating before a couple starts a relationship. Remember that it takes two people to make a relationship work … and a firm commitment from BOTH of you.  So if your date does not seem to be interested in making things official or “needs more time” before committing to  a relationship, you may need to question whether or not this person is the best person for you.

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Starting a Relationship vs Dating

It’s no secret that dating can be difficult, whether you are trying to keep the conversation going with your latest dating app swipe or moving into something more serious – the world of romance can be hard to navigate. That’s probably why there are so many books and movies about it!  However, it is important to remember that it will be worth it all in the end – as you move towards finding happiness – in whatever form that may manifest itself for you. Remember, turning dating into a relationship starts with two people walking on the same path in the same direction together.

With that in mind, you mustn’t rush into a relationship that you aren’t ready for. While it may be tempting to do so, you need to ensure that your needs and standards are met and that you feel loved, respected and appreciated throughout. 

To help make those difficult decisions a little easier, here are some important things you need to think about when getting into a relationship. 

Love yourself first. 

Although it may seem cliche, before you can love another person – you must truly be able to love and respect yourself. This means that you need to know if you are ready to date again before jumping into a relationship. Sometimes, this means that you may need to stay single for a little longer than you’d like. However, do not despair – there are plenty of positives to being single. You get to put 100% of your energy into yourself – whether that means you make time for more self-care or get to figure out what you want. 

There’s no allocated time frame for how long you should or shouldn’t be single – and you’ll feel it within yourself when you know it’s time to put yourself out there again. 

Know what you want from a relationship vs dating.

While you shouldn’t enter a relationship with hundreds upon hundreds of expectations regarding your partner or your future together, you must know exactly what you want from a relationship ahead of time. For example, if you are looking for a long term commitment, but your partner is only interested in a fling – you could be putting your heart on the line for someone whose life is heading down a different path. Have important conversations early – on topics such as contraception options and beyond to ensure that you are on the same page as your partner. 

Remember that relationships are about compromise.

Heading into a relationship, you may already have a clear idea in mind about what you expect from a partner. From this, some things should be non-negotiable (for example, your partner should always treat you with respect). However, it is also important to remember that good relationships are also based upon compromise. From time to time, you may need to make some allowances and be willing to put their needs first. A good partner will repay this by also acting with your best interest at heart. 

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There’s no rush.

Sometimes, we rush into relationships because we feel as though we are lagging behind our peers. While some friends may be married, it may feel as though you are being left behind. However, it is important to remember that there is no need to rush. Things will fall into place when the time is right. 

3 Myths of Australian Family Law

3 Myths of Australian Family Law

Very often, people believe hearsays and misconceptions of Australian Family Law. This is most likely due to isolated cases that ended up becoming generalizations. Fortunately, this piece discusses myths that surround family law in Australia and how to debunk them.

For example, Australian family law expert, Owen Hodge, revealed that statistically, only 5% of marriage breakdowns end up in court. The percentage indicated goes contrary to what many others believe. Curious to know more myths and misconceptions? Here are a few below:

Every family law dispute must be heard in court

This is not true; only 5% of de facto relationships and marriage breakdowns end up in the courtroom. 95% of the majority prefer to settle out of court mainly because it’s less costly and not stressful. Additionally, out-of-court settlements are carried out quicker and carry fewer risks of additional charges that a court may demand.

Furthermore, the parties involved in an out-of-court settlement agree to conditions that suit either side. Most importantly, most people prefer this less stressful approach because it carries minimal to almost non-existent reputational damage. Court litigations tend to last weeks and months, sometimes more. That and more explains why Australians prefer the simpler and quicker way out of such a situation.

Everything has to be split 50/50 once you’re married 

By far, this myth is the most common in family law misconceptions. However, there’s no written rule in Australian laws that stipulate that properties must be shared equally or on a 50/50 basis. On the contrary, several factors come into play before the court or others can take any decision. Examples of these considerations are:

  • Both spouses’ financial contribution towards the property
  • Non-financial contributions made towards acquisition of said property
  • Upcoming or impending needs of the spouses (as determined by the court or judge)

In handling divorce assets split cases or proceedings, it can be difficult to determine who gets more or less of what. Therefore, other factors that are considered are:

  • The duration or length of the relationship (according to Family Law Act 1975) or marriage
  • Ages of the spouses involved
  • Children (adults or minors)

Indeed, the 50/50 distribution is a starting point but does not remain so in many cases.

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The family law court always favors women 

The belief that family law courts tend to gear a lot more towards women is likely due to peculiar circumstances. Usually, divorce cases involving children six years and below have the court tasking the woman (or mother in question) with such minors’ full care. That notwithstanding, it’s not the yardstick by which all other cases must be judged in the court of public opinion.

According to Australia’s Shared Parental Responsibility Act 2006, the court only considers the child’s welfare. Therefore, if it’s in the child’s interest to stay connected with both parents, that will be done. There’s no legal undertaking that reserves women’s right to have sole custody over kids during a separation or divorce.

Lastly, avoid signing up to the belief that a lawyer isn’t required to represent you in court when the need arises. The digital age and the wealth of information on the internet fuel this belief, but you must know that a lawyer is trained to break down the law’s complexities while negotiating for better outcomes on your behalf.

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Dating After a Divorce: What You Must Know to Succeed

Dating After a Divorce: What You Must Know to Succeed

It’s more common than you think for people to start dating in their later years or dating after a divorce. For many people, the idea of dating can seem like a waste of time or it might get in the way of your job, entrepreneurial career, or even taking care of your family members. But if you’ve decided that now is the right time to start dating again and the divorce is behind you, then listen up. If you are ready look for a new partner to settle down with, then here are a couple of ways to help you build up the confidence you need.

There’s never a good or bad age to find true love

One of the first things to realize is that there’s no real age for finding true love. Sure, you could objectively find the age where most couples meet, but that doesn’t mean you need to fit that form and become a statistics. In fact, loads of people will start dating without commitment when they’re young and will never stop until much later when they decide to change the way they date.

Lots of people don’t really find their true love or partner until much later in life. They don’t realize what they’re really looking for in a relationship and it can be hard to be honest with yourself. Just remember that if you’re looking for a partner for life, then you get to be as picky as you want to. You get to choose who you want to invest your time and effort into, and you shouldn’t feel bad if you can’t find that perfect person. You have learned from your marriage what worked, and what didn’t. You get to be picky now. 

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Continue being patient and don’t rush into relationships

Because of your age, you might find that there’s sort of a time limit on how long you have until you should settle on a relationship. We don’t believe in this at all. Instead, we’d follow the first tip we gave; to realize that there’s no good or bad age to find true love. Stop thinking that you absolutely need to find a partner by a certain age. In fact, you may even consider being single for the rest of your life if you’ve had a taste of a serious relationship and don’t want it anymore.

Everyone has their preferences so don’t assume that you need to fit into those expectations that others have set. Be patient with your relationships and don’t rush into them. Take your time and let things happen naturally until you find the perfect person for you.

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You don’t need to go searching in your local area

Most people know that it’s easier to have a short-distance relationship because it means you can see your partner more. However, that’s not to say that you should limit your search to just your local area. Having a long-distance relationship can be difficult, but it’s not impossible as long as you’re both willing to make it happen.

With that said, looking outside of your local area can be easy with over 40s online dating. It allows you to open up the pool of potential partners and can be a great way to explore more of what’s out there. If you’re willing to make it work, then you can have a relationship with people regardless of the distance.

Try new things, but don’t go too far out of your comfort zone

Going through a marriage and a divorce will change you, you are not the same person you were when you said “I do”. It’s important to be honest with yourself when dating. Yes, we know that going outside of your comfort zone can be a great way to discover new things and meet new people, but that doesn’t mean you have to force yourself into embarrassing or difficult situations day after day. In fact, we’d suggest against this especially if you have other commitments that you need to take care of.

Don’t feel like you need to fit in with the latest trends or go partying just to have a relationship. Everyone has their own preferences and there’s bound to be someone out there that enjoys exactly the same things that you do. It’ll take time, but the wait will be worth it.

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Everyone ends up in different situations in life which set us on unique paths that only we get to experience. As such, you can’t really say that dating after a divorce is a good or bad thing. It just happened to be the life that you lived and there should be no regrets about it. Being confident is a challenge, especially when you’re meeting new people that could potentially be your partner for life, but it’s important to relax, be honest, and be yourself when entering these encounters.

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Life Hacks to Improve Your Mental Wellness

Life Hacks to Improve Your Mental Wellness

Mental health and well-being are really important, and today it is even more essential than ever to look after your mental wellness. Too many people focus on getting their body in shape but overlook their mind, and it is really important for you to be able to get both right as much as you can.

You’re going to need to work on improving your mental wellness, and there are so many ideas that play a part in making the most of this right now. Try to come up with ideas that you are able to use to help relieve and improve the stress and anxiety in your life as much as possible. So you need to try to make sure you do as much as possible to use these hints and ideas that will help improve your mental wellness moving forward. 

Talk About How You’re Feeling

Talking about how you are feeling is one of the key things that you need to do when you’re looking to relieve stress and anxiety. It is important to make sure you are focused on doing what you can to get your feelings out there and talk about what is bothering you and stressing you out in your life. Making sure you speak about how you feel is so important, and this is a great way of being able to get your feelings and emotions out. 

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Work on Your Self-Esteem 

Working on improving your self-esteem is one of the key elements you need to get right in order to help you improve your mental well-being as much as possible. Being happy with who you are is a massive part of the process of relieving stress and anxiety, and this is something that you have to make the most of right now. Try to keep the important things in mind when it comes to improving and working on your self-esteem as much as possible. 

Explore Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are commonly used by people these days to help them relax and unwind. If you visit, there are a lot of options for products you can buy and use to help you relieve stress and anxiety. CBD products have a lot of benefits, and many people believe that these products can help them to relax, unwind, and get rid of a lot of the stress in their lives. 

Work it Out

Being able to work out and keep fit is absolutely essential, and this is something that you need to try to do as regularly as possible. You have to make sure you regularly exercise in order to make sure you feel great and improve mind as well as body. There are so many advantages to this, and it can really help to make you feel better about who you are and the way you look.

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There are so many ideas you are going to need to work on in order to relieve stress and anxiety, and there are so many things to think about here. You have to do as much as possible to try to improve and boost your mental health and well-being to make the right decisions that will remove the stress and anxiety you might be facing.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein.

Bottom line, try something outside of your comfort zone to make room for adventure and excitement in your life. Change your attitude > change your mood > change your life!

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain in Big Toe or Anywhere

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain in Big Toe or Anywhere

Joint pain is extremely common and especially joint pain in big toe or your feet. In fact, one national survey found that a third of all adults reported having joint pain in the last thirty days. Joint pain in big toe can be as a result of many common problems, including arthritis, injuries, bunions or even gout. This pain can make everyday activities, even walking or exercising more challenging.

For many people, joint pain can be temporary, however for others it can be chronic. Conditions such as arthritis and tendonitis are some of the most common causes. When managing this pain, there are many forms of pain relief that you can look into beyond man-made painkillers. Below are just some of the most common natural remedies for joint pain in big toes or anywhere else.

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Turmeric is a spice that comes from the turmeric plant. It is part of the ginger family and is used in many Asian dishes. Along with adding a flavoursome kick to meals, turmeric can be an effective natural painkiller. Joint pain is where the spice is found to be most effective with many studies confirming its anti-inflammatory properties.

Most people consume turmeric in powder form. You can mix a teaspoon of turmeric with hot water and consume this way. Alternatively, you can find ways of mixing it into foods such as sprinkling it over scrambled eggs or putting it in a smoothie.

Devil’s claw

Devil’s claw is a plant belonging to the sesame family that gets its name from it’s claw-like appearance. The herb has been used throughout history to relieve pain and has been scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. 

Devil’s claw can be bought in tablet form at a herbal pharmacy. You can also purchase it as a liquid extract and as teabags.


Cannabidiol (aka CBD) is an extract from the cannabis plant that has been scientifically proven to have pain relief properties. It is different to whole cannabis in that it has the THC removed (the chemical that causes the high). There are some products on the market such as full spectrum CBD that may have up to 0.3% THC. However, it will be nowhere near as potent as the drug making it safe for daily use.

CBD is often consumed as an oil extract. Topical creams are also available, which can be applied directly to achy joints, as well as edibles such as gummy bear sweets. 

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Relieving pressure from joints can be a great way to reduce pain. Hydrotherapy is a good way to do this – the buoyancy of the water can greatly help to reduce joint pain. When water is heated, it can further reduce inflammation by relaxing muscles and providing a boost of endorphins. Cold water can also have benefits. 

There are many forms of professional hydrotherapy that you can explore ranging from floatation therapy to cryotherapy. Going swimming in a pool and relaxing in a hot tub can also have positive effects. Even a hot bath at home could be an effective natural pain reliever. 


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine that involves inserting long thin needles into pressure points. Many people find that it can be effective at relieving joint pain in big toe or or other body parts. Acupuncture should always be carried out by a qualified professional.

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Questions for Online Dating: How to Keep the Conversation Going

Questions for Online Dating

Need some good questions for online dating so you you are not left with nothing to say or worse, saying the wrong things? Not so long ago online dating was embarrassing and knowing how to keep the conversation going was hard. You didn’t want to be known as one of those people that was so desperate to find a date that you had to go online to do it.

Well times have changed there are many couples now that are proud to say that they found their significant other on OK Cupid or In fact today is estimated that 1/3rd  of couples that get married have met online and as many as 15% of American adults have used dating sites or apps. Gazing into someone’s eyes from across the room sure is romantic but when it comes to the potential of how many people you can actually meet there’s nothing that beats technology in today’s age.

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The other thing to know about finding someone on the internet is that people don’t want to waste time and often they’re more likely to have full-time employment and a higher education and the best part if that’s what you’re after is that they’re also seeking a full-time partner. Online dating is the way to go but you just have to learn how to do it smart.

So take heart we are here to help you out users guide to put your best foot forward, your man is waiting.

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Treat it Like a Job Not a Hobby
To do it right takes time and attention and you need to be thoughtful about what you’re doing. If you are serious it you should be online at least 3 to 5 hours a week.

Make your profile interesting
You really need to be able to attract attention to who you are. Long walks on the beach just isn’t going to cut it. Get some information about your interests and who you really are your personality should come out. Make it 3/4 about you and the other quarter about who you are looking for in a mate and what their personality should be. The goal here isn’t to attract as many as possible “fishes” the goal is to find the one. You should also add a headline that sums up your personality almost like a slogan.

Principles of Flirting

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Make your Photos Stand Out
Choose photos where you look natural and inviting preferably in locations that make you feel comfortable and doing what you love. For example vacation shots are great or that ski trip that you took or are you working in the garden. Mirror selfie shots and post pictures just won’t do the trick. Also make sure that the photos are recent because you want to avoid those first date surprises. If you don’t have any pictures that you like have a friend come over and take tons of shots different poses different angles doing different things and you’ll be able to pick up from their ones that are suitable.

Take Control
Don’t just sit back and wait for matches to come to you go through the profiles pics ones that you like and take charge. Make your message personal and say something about what they have said in their profile to start a conversation. Some thing like I love fresh bake cookies to my favorite is chocolate chip what’s yours. We have more questions for online dating to get you started below.

Broaden your Horizons
Mix it up – if you always date 6 foot tall football player types –  maybe find a 5 foot 10 rocker dude! When you mix it up you will open yourself up to new experiences sometimes and I’ve seen this with my friends they you get into a dating rut because you’re always dating the same type and when you date the same guy often that you get the same consequences. If you’re willing to change it up and find people that you wouldn’t normally date you just may be surprised!

The Meet Up
If you do find someone who interests you, take it off-line and have a short phone call see if you’re still clicking. And if you are then set up a short date somewhere or something like coffee is better than a dinner where you have a chance to vacate quickly if you want to. Get to know each other take your time get to know each other and if it ends up that it’s not a long time match that’s OK you’ve met a new friend. Each date will give you more confidence for the next one and the next one might just be the one.

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What Dating Site is Best for You?

You have to answer a very end of survey based on 29th in bed dimensions of personality such as humor, activity, communication style and then you get a new list of potential mates regularly this site is good for people who are really looking for a long-term relationship.

If you are looking to find other adults then might be your site 39% of match users are between 37 to 52 years old and 20% are older 53 to 72.

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OK Cupid has entertaining questionnaire such as do you believe in dinosaurs? And other open options as in polyamorous and Paramore.

This app gives you ladies night swipe right on the attractive guy and if he’s interested it’s up to you to make the first move.

Plenty of fish
An oldie but a goodie you can really cast a wide net on this free site with more than 150 million users quilt lovers will love the revealing questionnaire but relationship needs and seduction styles.

Fast and efficient this app is all about getting action. If you’re more into finding a date then a long-term relationship then this may be the one for you!

Questions for dating online

Questions For Online Dating and Conversation Starters

According to eHarmony, here are some of the best questions for online dating to ask to make your next online chat a little better:

1. Who are the most important people in your life?
Pay attention to how your date answers this first date question. How come? More likely than not, they’ll have an instant reaction like, ‘my parents’ or ‘my college roommate’ or ‘my kids.’ In addition to understanding the other person better, this question allows you to assess his or her ability to form close relationships.

2. What makes you laugh?
In virtually every study of ‘what singles want in a partner,’ a good sense of humor ranks high. No matter the season of life they’re in, single men and women want a partner who can bring levity and lightness to the relationship. Discovering the kinds of things that make your partner laugh will tell you about his/her personality and outlook on life.

3. Where is ‘home’?
Everyone can rattle off where they currently live and where they’ve traveled before now, but the definition of ‘home’ can widely differ from where they currently pay rent. Is ‘home’ where he/she was raised? Where family lives? Where certain adventures were had? This first date question allows you to get to where their heart is tied to.

4. Do you read reviews, or just go with your gut?
Seems like a strange one, but this helps you understand differences and similarities in a simple query. Some people can’t go to the movies without reading multiple reviews first. Others can buy a brand-new vehicle without doing an iota of research. Find out which camp your date belongs in—and then you can admit if you read restaurant reviews before making date reservations.

5. Do you have a dream you’re pursuing?
At any stage of life, dreams should be nurtured, cultivated, and acted on. Hopefully, you have dreams for your future, whether they involve career achievement, world travel, volunteerism or artistic expression. You want to know if the other person’s dreams mesh with your own. Listen closely to discern if your dreams are compatible and complementary.

6. What do your Saturdays usually look like?
How discretionary time is used says a lot about a person. If she works on her ‘day off,’ she might be highly career-oriented…or maybe a workaholic. If he spends the day coaching a kids’ soccer team, it’s a good bet he loves sports, enjoys kids and wants to help others excel. If he watches TV and plays video games all day, you may have a couch potato on your hands. This question is a must, considering not all of your time spent together in a long-term relationship can be candlelit and wine-filled.

7. Where did you grow up, and what was your family like?
Eminent psychologist Karl Menninger said one of the most reliable gauges of a person’s emotional health as an adult was a stable, satisfying childhood. This doesn’t mean — of course — that you should automatically avoid someone who had a difficult upbringing. But you do want the assurance that the individual has insight into his or her family background and has sought to address lingering wounds and unhealthy patterns.

8. What’s your big passion?
This question gets to the core of a person’s being. If the individual responds with “I dunno,” that might be a red flag that he or she isn’t passionate about anything. But you’re likely to get valuable insight from the person who answers —from traveling and their children to rock climbing or their church — that give you insight into their value system. Follow up with questions about why the person become so passionate about this particular endeavor or emphasis.

9. What’s the most interesting job you’ve ever had?
No matter where they are in the career ladder, chances are your date will have at least one unusual or intriguing job to tell you about. Which will give you a chance to share about your own most fascinating work experience. Though lighthearted, this first date question gives your could-be partner the opportunity to exercise their storytelling abilities.

10. Do you have a special place you like to visit regularly?
We’ve all got our go-to spots that keep luring us back, whether they are funky coffee shops, scenic hiking trails, or relaxing weekend getaway locales. Your date may have a local park he/she frequents or a European city that’s been a regular destination. Learning where your partner likes to go will provide insight into the person’s tastes and temperament.

11. What’s your signature drink?
After the introduction and awkward hug, this opening question should follow. Though it might not lead to a long conversation, it does help you understand their personality. Does she always order the same drink? Is he addicted to fair trade coffee? Does the bartender know to bring a gin and tonic to the table before you order? Break the ice by talking about beverages.

12. What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?
Instead of asking the predictable ‘What’s your favorite kind of food?’ questions for online dating ask something more specific that will likely get an entertaining story about food and travel, rather than a one-word answer.

13. In which television show’s world would you most want to live?
Pop culture can both bond and divide us. Keep it light and fun and ask about the fictional world your date would most want to explore. Wouldn’t “Cheers” be a great place for a first date?

14. What’s on your bucket list?
This question offers plenty of freedom for him or her to share their dreams and interests with you. His or her list could include travel plans, career goals, personal milestones, or adrenaline-junkie adventures. Or he or she could just be psyching herself up to finally try escargot.

15. What toppings are needed to create the perfect burger?
Assuming your date’s not a vegetarian, get the conversation going with a pretty innocent—but telling—question. You’ll discover how particular your date is about his food, how adventurous his or her palate is, and if you share a love (or hatred) of mustard.

16. What’s the most embarrassing concert you’ve ever attended?
It’s easy to brag when you’re around someone new, who doesn’t know you quite yet. Turn the tables and choose to share guilty pleasures instead. Tell on yourself. Some very respectable folks have been to Barry Manilow — and/or Yo Gabba Gabba
— concerts.

17. What’s your most valuable possession?
This questions for online dating top break the ice will help you to discover your date’s priorities, passions and pursuits. Maybe it’s a photograph. Maybe it’s a classic car. Maybe it’s a tiny trinket that represents a cherished person or memory. Putting your date on the spot might make the first answer an awkward one; let him/her amend the answer as the night goes on.

18. Who’s the most fascinating person you know?
Get to know the people in your date’s life by asking about the most fascinating one. What qualities make a person so interesting? How does your date interact with the person? Hearing your date brag about someone else might reveal more about him/her than a series of direct personal questions would.

19. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? The scariest?
Instead of prying into past heartaches and failures, give him or her an opportunity to share struggles any way he/she so chooses. What obstacles does he/she define as the ‘hardest’? How did they overcome or survive the struggle? Even if the answer is a fun one, try to appreciate how strength was shown in weakness.

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Dating Around Without Commitment? 6 Rules You Need to Know

Dating Around Without Commitment

Dating around can be a huge commitment. When you find someone you like, you often begin to invest yourself in not just that person, but what makes them who they are, their friends, family, work life, and what makes them tick. When this happens, a strong bond is often formed and this can lead to devastation if the relationship doesn’t work out. That’s where casual dating comes in, or a “sex buddy” as some like to call it.

Perhaps you’ve recently come out of a long term relationship, or you’re simply just fed up of being let down by potential suitors and you’re looking to go on dates without the commitment of seeing them again or being invited to dinner at Aunt Janice’s – and that’s fine! In this day and age, dating around without the need to cling onto another person is completely fine, even if you’re only in it for the sex. Not sure you’re doing the right thing?

Take a look at these reasons you may consider dating without commitment.

  1. You like flirting with people. Many people love the thrill of flirting with strangers on free dating sites, feeling turned on, and never having to speak to that person again if they don’t want to. 
  2. You have children. Dating after a relationship breakdown or divorce is difficult, because you naturally want to keep your children away from anything until you’re sure. Perhaps you’re looking for some fun with someone but you’re not ready to introduce your children yet. That’s fine too!
  3. You like being single. Some people simply don’t work well in a relationship, and not because of commitment issues! The idea of having to think about someone else apart from yourself can be exhausting, and if you’re not ready to do that, then dating without commitment might just be the right option for you.
  4. You want some intimacy. Those who have been single for some time and are looking to release some sexual tension with a night of great sex often opt for going on dates without the commitment. You go for a nice meal, and then end the night on a high without worrying about who’s calling who.
  5. You don’t want to ruin a friendship. A tale almost as old as time is the decision whether to ruin a perfectly good friendship by labelling it as a relationship. If you like that person, have great sex, and are both happy with your situation, then nobody is getting hurt and everyone wins!
  6. You’re getting over a bad experience. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to be in a violent or abusive relationship, or even after being sexually assaulted, you might be looking for care-free ways to experience intimacy without feeling like you have to create a relationship with someone.

There’s nothing wrong with dating around and not wanting a commitment, and these are just a few reasons why you may not want one! Don’t feel bad about your decision not to date seriously, and enjoy your time meeting interesting people on dates

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You Inspired Me: Choose Someone Who Motivates You

You Inspired Me: Choose Someone Who Motivates You

Has anyone every said to you – you inspired me? Have you ever said it to anyone? People often struggle to motivate themselves when it comes to their business dreams or career aspirations. It can be all too easy to sink into a routine that makes you feel content, giving you little reason to push yourself further and try new things.

Of course, though, this sort of position can make it very hard to progress and improve your life, and you need to work hard to keep your mind on the right track if you’re going to succeed. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to use other people as your source for inspiration. Even those who feel completely alone can achieve this sort of goal.

Looking For Support

People often find themselves feeling completely alone when they are trying to work on a business. While you will have to do a lot of work to succeed, you can use other people as a support network when you are going through this. Your partner, friends, and family members can all act as a guiding force when you are working on a business, offering advice and helping you to find success. Even just voicing your ideas can be a good way to make sure that you’re taking the right steps, with the insight of others offering new ideas.

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Following Their Lead

Many people struggle to build motivation for themselves when they think about the tasks they are trying to achieve, viewing them as impossible or unreachable. In reality, though, if someone else has been able to achieve what you want, this means that you have the same potential to get what you want. Individuals like Linda Pawlik are great examples of this, having had a successful acting career followed by a lot of success with day trading. You can use the success of others to drive you forward, using the methods and ideas that they have used to achieve the dreams that you have set for yourself.

Starting A Conversation

There are a lot of people on the internet nowadays, and this gives you access to a wealth of ideas and motivation that you may not have ever seen before. A great example of this comes in the form of websites like Reddit. This site is filled with boards and communities with people who are willing to help others. By starting a conversation, you can make yourself feel more excited about your business, in turn giving you the motivation you need to break ground. Of course, though, you have to be aware of abuse on sites like this, as some people are less helpful than others.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling good about your chances of building motivation for yourself using other people as your template. Of course, some people find this easier than others, but this doesn’t mean that your path has to be impossible. Instead, you just need to make sure that you’re always looking for new ways to keep your motivation up. So thank you – YOU inspired me. 

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