How do you find the best wellness gifts when you know that giving gifts as an adult is difficult? Most of our friends and family will be in a position where they can already buy the things that they want (or we won’t be able to afford what’s on their wishlist!) However, with some careful consideration it’s possible to give a gift that the person will love, and one way to improve your chances of getting it right is to think about the things they enjoy.

If they’re into health and/or wellness you’re in luck, as there are a number of directions you can go in here. Here are some ideas for the best wellness gifts at different price points: 

Best Gifts for Fitness and Health Lovers

A Gym Membership

Of course, you will need to use your own common sense here to decide if a gym membership is an appropriate gift! The last thing you want is to come across as if you’re preaching about a person’s health or suggesting that they need to lose weight. However, if they’ve expressed an interest in joining the gym, or already enjoy a fitness but don’t have a gym membership this could be a great way to go. It could be for a month, three, six or twelve months depending on your budget.

Sessions with a Personal Trainer

If the person you’re gifting to already hits the gym regularly, how about booking them some personal training sessions at the place they attend? If you give the gym a call they’ll be able to talk you through the process and you can explain you’re buying as a gift. It’s a great way for the person to reach the next level with their health and fitness, as they’ll be given tailored exercises and nutrition advice just for them.

Even if they don’t continue with the personal training sessions after the ones that were gifted, they’ll have gained useful information to help them with their workouts moving forward. This is one of the best wellness gifts you can give because it will keep the fitness lover healthy and it is something that they may not do for themselves. 

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An Appliance or Gadget

If you want to give a physical gift, there are lots of things that a health enthusiast might appreciate. How about a blender or juicer which would allow them to make nutritious drinks every day? A fitness tracker is another option, these track heart rate, exercise intensity, sleep and much more so are fantastic for monitoring progress. If they’re into overall wellness, how about something like a himalayan salt lamp? These are said to boost blood flow, improve sleep, increase levels of serotonin in the brain, and calm allergies amongst other things.

Food or Drink Gifts

There are plenty of directions you can go in with food and drink gifts. Companies like Two Chimps Coffee offer subscriptions, or you could go with tea, vegan treats, healthy food boxes and more. You could make your own hamper for them, or give them a gift card for their favourite healthy restaurant or cafe.

A Wellness Book

You could consider anything from a healthy cookbook to a self help book as a best wellness gift. It could even be a biography from a sportsperson or other health icon. It’s a physical gift so something you can wrap up, and isn’t expensive so ideal if you’re on a budget.

According to, currently here are the best fitness books:

Best Overall: Brian Keane’s The Fitness Mindset 

Helps readers change the way they think about food, exercise, stress, and themselves.”

Runner Up: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Complete Food and Nutrition Guide 

This reference book is a helpful and nuanced look at how to eat more nutritiously.”

Best Budget: Bigger Leaner Stronger 

Geared toward the unique physiologies of each gender and deliver a holistic routine.”

Best Motivational: No Sweat

Takes readers through a tour of the most important scientific studies about motivational psychology.”

Best Nutrition: Fitness Nutrition

Covers how our bodies process food, which foods can help people achieve certain goals, recipes for muscle growth.”

Best for Women: Roar

Has the express goal of teaching women how to exercise and eat in a way specifically tailored to female physiology.”

Best for Men: The Men’s Fitness Exercise Bible 

Gives many men the information and advice necessary to keep up to date with the newest trends in fitness.”

Best Cookbook: Run Fast, Eat Slow

Has more than 100 recipes that are made of whole foods and taste great.”

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