You may be wondering why would you seek out a back workout for women? Most exercises for women focus on specific areas of the body for instance, triceps and booty exercises. They are useful for shedding some pounds. However, most of us forget the back is made of a large group of muscles, which will benefit from targeted exercises. You may wonder; why do we forget the back? Well, most people think why train an area nobody sees?

If you train your back however, numerous benefits will come your way. First, you will stand upright and improve your posture tremendously. With a proper back workout for women program, you will also burn fat. Consequently, you reduce the risk for heart disease and boost metabolic weight – the number of calories your body burns during rest. Furthermore, your bones become strong, and you reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Suitable Back Workout for Women Exercises

By implementing back exercises in your regime, you will have added variety and derive twice the benefits. Devote a lot of focus and attention when training it. In the end, your muscles will be highly developed. Ideally, the workouts should target the upper and lower portions of your back. The following are some exercises best suited for your back:

Chest Fly

Chest Fly Back Workout for Women

The Chest fly utilizes muscles from shoulders, chest, and biceps. To perform this exercise, lie flat on a bench or the floor. Take two dumbbells and hold them parallel to each other. Both elbows should be bent slightly throughout. Lower your arms slowly until you feel your chest stretching. Next, bring the dumbbells to their original position while squeezing your chest.

Lateral Pulldown

Lat Pulldown back workout for women

This is a back-widening workout that is simple to learn. In fact, most gyms have the necessary equipment for the exercise. The machine features a long handle that bends at each end. Most women cannot grasp bar at these ends. However, do not worry it works regardless of this limitation. The bar is connected an upper pulley system with different weights.

You pull the bar to your chest this back workout for women. Gradually, exhale during this movement, and your palms should face the machine. Once the bar touches your chest, inhale and exhale once or twice. Releasing the bar brings your back to the starting position.

The exercise strengthens the lat muscles (latissimus dorsi). They are found on the sides of your lower to middle back section. Additionally, the rhomboids muscles in your back facilitate the pulldown. They are located between your shoulder blades. The Lat Pulldown further strengthens the rear deltoid muscle, which makes up your shoulders. Finally, your biceps made of three muscles are exercised during the pulldown by shortening and contracting.

What is the best way to replicate the back lateral pulldown without a machine?

Definitely pull-ups. Here are some variations you can do to make this method more effective for your situation:

If you have a pull-up bar:

home pull up bar

Us your bodyweight and have a chair close to the pull up bar and use your feet to give you just enough assistance to complete your rep(s).

If you don’t have a bar and can’t use a substitute such as a table or door, then here are some other ways to achieve this exercise effectively by using your body weight.

Back Extensions or Hyperextensions

Back extensions back workout for women

Back extensions are ideal when dealing with lower back pain. You can perform the exercise in a fitness facility on the hyperextension bench or by using a stability ball.

To perform this back workout for women on a ball, lie prone on the stability ball. Keep your feet apart on the floor. Cross your arms and raise the torso off the ball by contracting and relaxing your spine. On the machine, it may be harder to execute the exercise.

With these exercises, you will have the perfect back but you will have a great posture and other health benefits too. If you want to target some other areas as well, here are some more workouts for women to try: