With summer soon on its way, you might be itching to look your best and learn about beauty tips from head-to-toe before you head outside. Below are some tips to keep in mind as you freshen up for the summer. 

Don’t Ignore Your Feet in the Summer

Your feet keep you upright all day long, so don’t ignore them! Nothing stands out quite as much as dry or cracked heels sticking out the back of your strappy sandals when the rest of you looks put together.

It’s easy to forget your feet when they’ve been cocooned inside closed-toed shoes for the past two or three seasons, but summer is their time to shine. In an earlier blog post, exfoliating booties was one of the top 20 beauty products to try out. If your feet have seen better days, give them a try! 

Don’t Ignore Your Feet in the Summer

There are a plethora of choices for feet masks, but if you’re not sure which one to use, head to a spa to have a proper pedicure. Your feet will thank you!

Your Food Choices Matter

While working out and exercising is important to your cardiovascular health and muscle tone, you can’t outrun your fork. Making smart food decisions now will have you reaping the rewards in shorter time than you think. Opt for a variety of colorful foods to make sure you’re getting all the minerals and vitamins for your body to use, and consider bringing in anti-aging foods into your diet.

Summer food choices should include a lot of green vegetables, melons, peaches, corn, asparagus and other fresh and fragrant herbs. Since local markets are at their best during summer, this means that fruits are abundant, and vegetables are as fresh as can be.

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Summer Skin Care Matters

If you’re excited to lay beside a pool or along a lake, keep in mind that your skin is the largest organ of the body, and needs to be protected. Ideally, try to stay out of the sun during peak sunlight hours, whether that means using a fun beach umbrella, or just waiting until the evening to head outdoors.

If your skin is constantly polka-dotted with bug bites, make sure to use bug spray before heading outdoors. This is something easily forgotten until you’re itchy and covered in mini hives.

In addition, dehydration can make it look dull and lackluster. Drink lots of water and try to avoid sodas and packaged juices completely. Replace these with healthy and more natural substitutes such as coconut water, lemon water, macha teas and refrigerated green tea. Acne, heat rash and dryness are very common skin problems during summer so hydrate, its a basic summer beauty tip but important.

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If you’ve already caused damage to your skin, check out this website for how to deal with sun damaged skin. Taking good care of your skin today will pay off tomorrow and for years to come. When you think of aging gracefully, the first thing you think of is likely how your skin looks, so treat it well. 

Wax Your Bikini Line – Don’t Shave It!

Unfortunately shaving your bikini line can bring on razor bumps and annoying red rashes, the last thing you want if wearing your new bathing suit or sexy bikini. Waxing however gets rid of the hair and keeps it off for much longer so there is less irritation. It’s a cleaner and look for summer that will last much longer.

Summer Skin Care Matters

Don’t Fight the Humidity

If summer humidity is bringing out some of the frizz you work hard to combat, stop fighting it! Embracing your natural hair will help you be able to figure out a style that works better for your summer tresses. If your naturally straight hair is limp and plastered to your head, consider sporting a ponytail and accepting that you won’t have a lot of volume.

And, if your hair is wavy or curly, consider opting for large buns or “protective” hairstyles, or choose to do deep conditioning the night before you head to the beach so that you have less to fight the morning you’re thinking of heading out. Working with your hair, rather than against it, will let you be able to spend more time enjoying the warm summer days. 

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Basic Summer Makeup Tips to Try

Hot summer days means you can get away with less makeup and go for the more natural look. For the freshest, most natural-looking face, here are some beauty tips to try: