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Thank you for your interest in i40Club.com our goal is enhance the lives of women to help them live their best lives and with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual abundance. If you would like to share related information with our readers, we would be delighted to have an article contribution from you.  

Please review our guidelines carefully before you submit any articles for consideration.

i40Club Guidelines for Article Content Submissions

  • Submitted articles must be 100% original and exclusive to i40Club. We do not accept articles or sections of articles that have been previously published elsewhere online or in print.
  • All content submissions should be relevant to our audience which is primarily women interested in health, wellness and fitness. The content should be well explored, concise, and offer an original point of view or solution.
  • i40Club retains the right to edit all content submitted at our discretion. Once articles are published on our website, they become the property of i40Club and cannot be republished without our written permission.
  • Please include a brief a bio and an intended (1) link .
  • It is the writer’s obligation to obtain permissions for the use of any images, sound, or video files submitted.

How to Send Your Article
Please submit it in a text Word document or a plain text editing format.  The message should include the author’s name, the title/topic of the article, and any appropriate information about the author.


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