So picture yourself soaking in a warm tub,  soft music is playing in the background, the lights are low and the candles on are burning. You are inhaling tropical fragrances from your DIY Tropical Bath Salts – and drifting to far away islands, you can smell and ocean and can practically hear the waves crashing soothingly to the shoreline when you close your eyes in this tropical paradise…..

This Can Be You with This DIY Tropical Sea Salt Bath

Taking a good relaxing salt-bath comes high up on my well-being list and this DIY Tropical Bath Salts reciped is an amazing way to end a busy week or night. Preparing it with a tropical twist makes it fun and tricks your mind into believing summer is not too far away!

A warm (not too hot) bath can improve circulation, lower blood pressure and calm the nervous system. Taking a bath is also good for reducing pain and oxygenates every single cell. Add in salt, and you’ve struck beauty gold.

Cherished by Hippocrates, the ancient Greeks, the Japanese and Cleopatra for its health and beauty benefits, mineral-rich salt baths are a time-honored way to relax, beautify and invigorate. Sea salt contains natural trace minerals that have a wide range of health benefits—one study even found that the magnesium in salt can actually help lower levels of cortisol. A tranquil bath is the perfect way to reap these relaxing benefits.

Calming and sedative: Sea salt contains minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and bromine which act to sedate and calm your nervous system.

Moisturizing: Unrefined sea salt has the ability to attract and hold water. It increases the hydration level on the dermal levels of the skin by re-balancing the distribution of naturally occurring minerals in the cells, thereby improving and strengthening the skin barrier.

Anti-aging: The minerals in sea salt are critical for communication between the cells. Replenishing the skin with these trace elements can help the cell-to-cell signaling process that slows down with age, preventing dullness and irritation.

Good for inflammatory skin conditions: Sea salt baths are effective in reducing inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and redness in general because of their balancing effects.

Exfoliating: Salt acts as a natural skin exfoliator, loosening and removing dead surface skin.

How to Make the DIY Tropical Bath Salts

1. Fill up your bathtub with warm water, add a good amount of sea salt.

2. Put on some chill music to set the mood.

3. If you have, put a plant next to your tub—besides creating a tropical vibe, plants are shown to help reduce mental stress. Dim the lights and light some candles.

4. Add in 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil which has supreme moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin.

5. Add 1-2 drops each of tangerine and sandalwood essential oil—you can also use lemon, bergamot or orange in place of the tangerine. Other than smelling delicious, these oils work as a sedative and soothe the nervous system, reducing anxiety and tension when inhaled. At the same time they are uplifting on the mood, putting you in a relaxed happy state.  Via

Sea salt is readily available at most grocery stores; for example, Walmart carries Morton Sea Salt at many of its locations. Grocers that specialize in organic foods are most likely to carry sea salt. For example, many Whole Foods locations stock Celtic Sea Salt.