Tips for a healthy sex life are in demand because a healthy sex life is what all of us aspire for. It induces feel-good hormones in the body, releases stress, regulates the mood, and helps you lose calories. However, there are a variety of factors that play a vital role in making your healthy sex life amazing.

Two of the major factors among these include your diet and lifestyle. Your sexual performance and libido are significantly impacted by your health, which in turn is contingent upon your eating habits. When you put good stuff into your body –  you get good and a healthy libido out.

There are some foods that not only promote health but also function as aphrodisiacs, thereby influencing your sex drive positively. Hence, if you have thus far been wondering how to get your groove back, you have come at the right place. This article intends to throw light on some diet and lifestyle tips you can imbibe for a healthy sex life.

Cook together for health

Eat Less

Although it might seem on the onset that consuming fewer calories can be detrimental for your sex life, but the exact opposite is what holds true. There are findings that calorie restriction can turn out to be imperative for increasing your sex drive. One such study conducted by JAMA Internal medicine examined the effects of following this ritual over a period of 2 years on the quality of life, mood, and the sexual functioning of the body.

The results of the study exhibited that not only did the subjects lose excess weight, but also experience a spurt in their sexual prowess. This happens due to the fact that cutting back reduces fat, improves sleep, increases fitness, and boosts the stamina, which all contribute to attaining better as well more frequent sex. There is another study that suggests a link between calorie restriction and a decreasing rate of aging of the body.

Include Animal Sources of Food

People are fast adopting a lifestyle that excludes the consumption of animal products nowadays. It has thus become a rage, especially among the youngsters of the generation. Although it is true that animal products fare better for the health and environment, it might not be so for having a great sex life.

A protein rich diet facilitates free circulation of testosterone in the body, which is the hormone responsible for inducing a healthy sex life both among men and women. A study of diet and sex hormone-binding globulin also found out that a low-protein diet negatively impacts the production of testosterone and its bioavailability.

There are plant-based foods that contain proteins in them, however, the best source to get your proteins includes animal-based products, ranging from meat, dairy, and eggs. The quality of the proteins in the latter and the absorption rate is significantly better in the case of the latter. This makes these foods imperative for the release of sex hormones in the body and thereby leading a healthy sex life.

What to Eat for Better Sex

Turn to a Mediterranean Diet

The ideal factor about this diet is that it offers the consumption of a variety of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals, and is substantially low in saturated and trans fat. This diet comprises of the usage of olive oil, which happens to be good for avoiding the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Another oil that can be useful for a better sex life is high quality CBD oil, due to its ability to induce the production of dopamine in the body. Besides, it is known to have a positive effect on the sexual life of an individual.

A study found out that the Mediterranean diet has the potentiality of helping the obese men get over their problem of erectile dysfunction and regain their sexual functioning. This diet also includes fiber-rich meals, which helps those suffering from bloating and inflammation, and helps reduce the incidence of chronic diseases.

Quit Smoking for a Healthier Sex Life

Smoking is not only bad for your lungs, but can be disastrous for your sexual health. Smoking can cause damage in the blood circulation of the over prolonged use, causing heart diseases and incidences of stroke. It can also become a cause for the onset of erectile dysfunction since it disrupts blood vessels in the penis and hampers the erection. Besides, a study suggests that nicotine consumption can impact the sex drive negatively and lower the libido both in men and women.

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Tobacco use can also induce infertility over a period of time, according to research conducted by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Male smokers can suffer from decreased sperm quality and their ability to fertilize eggs. Whereas, in the case of females, the presence of nicotine in tobacco accelerates the process of loss of eggs and causes the smoker to go through earlier menopause than normal, thereby leaving less window for the woman smoker to get pregnant.

Exercise Regularly

Leading sedentary lifestyle fares bad not only for your fitness and cardiovascular health but also for your sexual satisfaction. Those who exercise more often experience greater sexual passion improved blood flow to the sexual organs, arousal, and desire. Since working out on a regular basis helps get rid of the accumulated fat, the performance on the bed improves significantly.

Besides, better circulation of blood, greater strength, stamina, and increased flexibility make intercourse all the more exciting. Men, especially, witness a spurt in the levels of testosterone in the body due to exercising regularly, which plays a vital role in positively impacting the libido levels.

Salmon for a Better Sex Life

Consume Aphrodisiac Foods

Aphrodisiacs are those foods that bring about an overhaul in your sex drive, increases sexual pleasure, and enhances the performance. Since these are largely dependant on what you put in your body, you need to make sure you eat the right foods for a better sexual life. According to an article by HuffPost, foods rich in zinc and omega-3 fatty acids are considered to be aphrodisiacs.

Thus, tips for a healthy sex life include foods such as maca, watermelons, oysters, almonds, eggs, avocados, and chocolate in your diet on a habitual basis. The next time you wish to treat a friend or even yourself on a joyous occasion, chocolate for an amazing taste and a healthy lifestyle.

Salmon is another food that elevates dopamine production in the body, improves mood, and increases the appetite for sexual intercourse due to its high omega-3 fatty acids content. Bananas are good sources of Vitamin B nutrient, which enables the production of sex hormones in the body. Those suffering from premature ejaculation can also turn to these foods for a good time in the bed, apart from imbibing oatmeal in their diet.

Reduce your Alcohol Intake

Even though it might sound little difficult to reduce your alcohol intake at first, cutting back on drinking alcoholic beverages can bring about a lot of improvement in your sexual health. They are responsible for poor blood circulation to the sex organs in the body, accumulation of excess fat, reduced libido, and erectile dysfunction among men. Hence, if you tend to remain hot and heavy on the bed with your partner even as you age, minimizing your alcohol consumption shall prove to be a catalyst.

However, it does not mean that you have to remove alcoholic beverages out of your life as a whole. You can indulge in them occasionally for enjoying with your friends or reveling over a party. Sharing a bottle of Weller Bourbon once in a while with your partner shall add excitement and set up a romantic mood.

Your lifestyle and your food habits are the major factors that can either hamper or make your sexual life invigorated. Hence, make sure you include these tips and make them a habit for a stimulating time between the sheets.

Author Bio: Jessica Smith

Jessica is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, She Believes that a healthy diet is a key to healthy living.