There comes a time where you just feel like you need a change and these secrets to happiness will get you going. You’re tired or feeling irritable, can’t remember the last good night’s sleep you had, and actually, you just want to change things up again. And, that’s great! 

Even if you are eating the rainbow of fruits and vegetables, and drinking 8 glasses of water, you can still feel like you need more. And the thing is good health and feeling happier isn’t something that just happens overnight. More importantly, what matters to your happiness might not be what works for someone else.

So here are a few simple lifestyle changes that you can implement over time to see an improvement in how you feel. Let us know if these 7 secrets to happiness make a difference in your life. 

Get Happy


You probably aren’t getting enough sleep. In this day and age with so many things that we can do – Netflix, Facebook, running a home business… the list is endless – it is hard to wind down and hit the sack. Every hour of sleep that you skip just starts adding up to a more significant deficit. Most people need between 7 and 9 hours per night, and most people struggle to go to sleep when they get to bed. There are a few things that you can try to help you relax:

  • Meditate – although not designed to send you to sleep, it can make you calm enough to drift off
  • Warm tea – caffeine-free and something like chamomile or sleepy time tea
  • Sleep Stories – The Calm app has a range of sleep stories that will talk you to the land of nod


We are all deficient in something. It just depends on your lifestyle as to what it might be. If you are feeling tired, bloated, unable to sleep or just not ‘right’, then there is no harm in adding a vitamin into your daily routine.

If you are on any medication, then speak to your doctor in advance, and see what they recommend. While you are at it, consider taking a probiotic to help your digestion. Don’t buy them off a random internet website either, head to a health food store or pharmacy. Get checked out to make sure your lethargy is not caused by anemia

How to Be Happy

Get Moving

People are still avoiding going for a walk. But the fact is getting out there and moving is so good for you, and it can aid you in getting that coveted sleep too. Have a tool that tracks your steps so that you can get into a competition with yourself about how many steps you can do per day.

Even getting up from your desk and walking for five minutes will improve your productivity. However, you still need to make sure that you are paying attention to where you are walking or running, it is all too easy to become complacent and need a personal injury claims specialist. So, head high and mind your step! 


Drink water like there are no other liquids on the planet. We are designed to work better with the right amount of water. Every single article you read about changing your lifestyle or becoming healthier will have water somewhere in it. And, yet, people still aren’t making the most simple change of all.

Drinking more water helps your organs function better, it hydrates your skin, helps your digestion and in general will pep you up. So if you are struggling with drinking more water, find a water reminder app for your phone that will alert you when you need to drink. Ideally, you’re aiming for 8 glasses per day – but like sleep, this varies from person to person. 

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Good Fat

There is still some confusion between people having no fat in their diet, and those having good fats. We need good fat in our diets, so make sure you are getting your daily dose. You can get your happy fats from olive oil, oily fish, avocado and nuts. If in doubt you can read the label, but you are looking for things like Omega-3, monounsaturated fats and saturated fats that are plant-based. Here is a great fish recipe to try!

Read The Labels

You food tells you what is in it, and you can make informed decisions about what you put in your body. While you might think you should be looking for organic this and free-range that, you should just be adding food to your diet that is as ‘whole’ as possible. Eating well is a must do for secrets to happiness.

Secret to health and happiness


If you have people that you can spend hours with and don’t stop laughing then spend more time with them. We often forget that a cup of tea with our friends can leave us on a natural high for days. Make the most of that free secrets to happiness and see your friends more often.

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