These are the 7 foods to avoid if you want to be healthier and lose weight as well. Why? Because your health is more important than your taste buds.

We heard, you whisper that you want to stay fit, but you have no control over your temptation? Let’s enlighten you here, you can’t fulfill two dreams together, one of eating junk food and another one of staying fit.

We know your love for chocolates, fries and so many other fattening things but unfortunately, you can’t eat too much of it if you long for a healthy body.

We want to see you getting compliments from people for the weight you lost. We want you to feel good and feel healthy.

We are here to save you. Now you take an oath that you won’t ever touch these 7 food items unless it is your cheat day.

Did you take an oath? Perfect! So, let’s open our bundle of information on the foods to avoid.

1. French Fries

Now, you must be thinking that why we included potatoes in the list since they are healthy. Well, for your information, potatoes are healthy, but French fries are not.

French fries get fried in so much oil which makes it calorie rich. The worst thing is that while eating French fries, you don’t realize the number of calories you are taking in.

Once you start eating French fries, you keep eating them without realizing that now you have to stop consuming it since you have already stored so many calories inside you.

Many studies have been conducted for the same and the conclusion came out to be common that French fries do make you gain the extra pounds which you don’t need in your body. Potato chips consumption deposit the fat in your body and you start getting flabby arms and the love handles begin to appear.

Moral of the story: Do not consume French fries or potato chips since they are highly unhealthy. If you are a potato lover, concentrate on consuming boiled potatoes – with spices not butter.

2. Sweetened Soda Beverages

Sugar is really addicting. Those beverages that are rich in sugar are unhealthiest of all the things present on the planet Earth.

If you are so much addicted to the sweetened beverages, then it’s the right time to stop this habit of yours. Many disastrous health concerns are associated with it so, don’t consume the beverages in excess.

Do not make a mistake of thinking that sweetened beverages give you the feeling that you are full. You think that you will eat less food after consuming the sweetened beverages? Well, we are sorry, but your weight loss journey will not get a kick-start unless you start avoiding those sweetened beverages.

Do you seriously want to take your first step towards your weight loss journey? Then, foods to avoid include sweetened beverages at all cost.

Moral of the story: Sweetened beverages don’t give you any benefits other than making you feel all dizzy, increasing the stress level and last but not the least, such beverages deposit the fat in your body. Substitute fizzy water, lemon water, or add a splash of juice to seltzer.

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3. White Bread

So tempting! Isn’t it? We know that after eating white bread, you start considering that you will lose all the massive pounds you have gained in a year. Listen human, White bread is highly unhealthy since it contains layers of sugar and it won’t help you get skinny fast.

A study has found that if you eat just two slices of fattening white bread, you will start your journey towards getting obese.

People don’t think of the healthier options that are available in the market that is why they are deprived of it. You need to research a bit and choose the healthier options available to you. A healthier option is of brown bread which is rich in fiber and keeps your bowel movements normal.

Moral of the story: White bread is not a healthy option for you and is one of the foods to avoid and not just because of the gluten. It can increase your blood sugar level and gives you uninvited stomach discomforts. Go for a more robust alternative of whole grain bread. Replacing white bread with whole grains bread can help increase your fiber, vitamin, mineral and protein intake.

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4. Tempting candies

Oh, it’s so tiny! I won’t get extra pounds after eating this candy. And after saying that sentence, you grab one candy then you put your hands on the second one, oh, your hand doesn’t stop. Little you do know the number of calories in that one small candy.

Lots and lots of sugar are added to the candy bars. What’s the point of consuming something that is rich in calories but doesn’t give you the needed nutrients?

Don’t welcome another typhoon of calories in the form of candies. And please avoid considering that if something is smaller in size, it is low in calories.

Having a bad craving for candy bars? Choose a healthy option of fruits. Or, you can go for nuts that gives you the desired nutrients, gives you glowing skin and make your hair healthy.

Moral of the story: Since candy bars contain lots and lots of calories and don’t fulfill your nutrients needs, say “BYE BYE” to them. Start altering your habits and always opt for the healthier option such as dried fruit, nuts or trial mix (all in moderation of course!)

5. Fruit Juices

So-called healthy fruit juices! You can find fruit juices everywhere, be it a local market or a state-of-the-art supermarket. But yes, they have one thing in common, all of them stock fruit juices like it is something a person can’t live without.

Little you are aware of the fact that all those fruits juices are processed and tons and tons of sugar are into it.

Sorry, but you are in for a good awakening that the processed juices contain more amount of sugar in comparison with soda.

Please don’t get fooled by the false advertisement of 90% natural juice because it doesn’t contain it. Instead of consuming processed juices you have a healthier option in your reach. You can opt for a healthy fruit instead of welcoming tons of calories.

Moral of the story: Processed juices are quite rich in sugar and give you nothing but the stubborn fat so keep them on your list of foods to avoid. Since such liquids don’t have fiber, always consume natural fruits which have been gifted by the Mother Nature. Replace with lemon water, herbal tea, unsweetened ice tea or coffee or coconut water.

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6. Cookies

And here, the aroma hitches you! Avoid heading to the bakery section in supermarkets. Even if a bakery is near to your place just close your eyes while going from there.

Cookies and pastries are made up of refined flour and a pile of sugar is added to give them a sweet taste. Moreover different kind of emulsifiers and trans fats are there which gives a way to so many diseases.

If you are highly craving to eat something sweet, then the best possible option for you is of dark chocolate. Whenever hunger catches you, grab a piece of dark chocolate and satisfy your craving.

Moral of the story: A pile of sugar is added to the pastries and cookies so please avoid them at all cost. Instead eat Nutrition bars. Some varieties are fattening due to the fat in nuts and amount of oil added in many commercial bars, but if you read labels right, you can find a good one that will help satisfy your craving.

7. Alcohol

Do you know that alcohol contains so many calories? It is dangerous than the carbohydrates. Many people think that alcohol is not linked to weight gain, well it is.

It’s alright to consume alcohol occasionally but make sure that you make it a regular habit.

Since alcohol is more dangerous than carbohydrates, do think twice before consuming it.

Moral of the story: Are you on the path of losing weight? Say “No” to alcohol. If you do indulge your best low calorie drink options are vodka soda with lemon, Preseco or a glass of Rose.

The Bottom line

We know it seems unfair to you that we stopped you from consuming your favorite things with the list of foods to avoid. But trust us, it is for your own good. We want you to feel good about yourselves. We don’t want you to feel bad about yourself so quit consuming the forbidden foods and bring a positive change to your life. Check out more foods with the 56 Day Diet. Still craving an occassional treat? Then check out: >> The Healthiest Fast Food to Eat and Where to Find It