Are you looking for the best low carb snacks that you can take to work? You might be a person who enjoys eating snacks more times in a day than eating normal meals. While in office or at your place of work you will be forced to pack some snacks with you in the morning before leaving for work.

The bad news is most of these regular snacks contain more calories that can contribute to weight gain. However there are some snacks that have low levels of carbohydrates that will have a nutritional value in your body.

Below are the 7 best low carbs snacks for work:


Nuts are of different types but cashew nuts and almond are healthier. They are sweet and you can eat them throughout the day. Nuts won’t spoil your teeth but will add to the amount of healthy fats in your snack which will boost your ketosis. Cashew nuts and almond contain the omega 3 fatty acids that will help in strengthening your heart. Just be careful to not eat too many, the calorie count is high.

Low Carb Snacks for Work - Nuts


You might be shocked by the term fat yogurt. Worry no more because this type of yogurt won’t make you fat. However full-fat yogurt has lower levels of sugar which cannot make you grow big. This yogurt according to the scientist it has a linoleum acid that helps you in reducing the belly fat. Linoleum acid contributes in the muscle growth. Make sure you choose plain yogurt as the flavored yogurts are loaded with sugar.

yogurt low carb snack



Choose boiled eggs for a great and easy way to bring low carb snacks to work.  Although eggs have essentially no carbohydrates,  they are packed with protein, healthy fats and other nutrients. One large egg has around 70 calories and slightly more than 6 grams of protein Change it up and make egg salad or deviled eggs, the carbohydrates will give your body important minerals such as potassium and sodium and the protein will keep you full.

eggs low carb snack


If you are working on your weight then definitely you will need protein shakes to be your snack. Protein shakes are not only meant for body builders but also to anyone trying low carb diets. Proteins increases muscle mass and your body metabolism too. You can pre-mix at home and give them a quick shake when you are ready to drink. We have some smoothie recipes you must try.

The Most Popular Mango Turmeric Smoothie Recipe


Craving nachos but don’t want the carbs that tortilla chips have? Stuffed with yummy taco spiced ground beef, cheesy goodness and healthy fat avocados. These healthier nachos have anti-bacterial properties and anti-oxidants essential for your body. They are also gluten free and low carb. Prepare ahead of time and re-heat at work.

See the recipe for Mini Pepper Nachos at

Mini Pepper Nachos Low Carb Snack

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Hummus is made of lemon, chickpeas and some Arabic spices. It is available in grocery stores and you need to add it in your snacks. This recipe comes from the Middle East and it is traced back in the thirteenth century. Hummus has a large amount of fibre which will aid your digestion. It also contains vitamin B, minerals such as manganese and proteins. It is delicious and more attached to the Arabic culture. Now chickpeas do have some carbs so be sure to eat only with cut up veggies so you do not add any unnecessary carbohydrates.

hummus low carb snack


Chocolates can cause tooth decay because of the processed sugars in them and not to mention all the other health issues that come with consuming sugar. Sugar free chocolates can be substituted with the regular chocolates to avoid their harmful effects to your body. Sugar free chocolates have a high amount of cocoa that makes them have low levels of carbohydrates.

The 7 best low carbs snacks for work mentioned above offer a lot of nutritional values despite the luxury they give.

These best low carb snacks will reduce the consumption of snacks that have high levels of carbohydrates and processed sugars. Just keep in mind that the idea of snacking on a lowcarb diet should be used to get in extra nutrient-dense foods that provide health benefits.

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