Especially during the lockdown, some women struggle with effective ways to stay healthy during the lockdown and keep in shape. Indeed, it is common to fall prey to bad eating and lifestyle habits during this period. Consistent self-care is essential during the lockdown, not only for your health but also to boost your self-confidence. This includes taking care of your health, and this article outlines some efficient ways to maintain a healthy routine for yourself. 

  • Pay close attention to your mental health

It is significant to be very keen on your psychological and mental health during the lockdown. In this period, most news going around is quite negative and depressing. Reports of the high rate of infections, death, and spread of COVID 19 can cause anxiety, which is detrimental to your mental health.

To protect your state of mind, do well to take your mind off the news and focus on fun activities with your family. Practice meditation and yoga exercises, deep breathing exercises, and enjoy nature’s view. Also, try to keep your emotions in check and don’t get too depressed or too excited. You can also try engaging in new hobbies to avoid stress and mood swings.

  • Have enough sleep and rest

Do not forget to catch some beauty sleep. You need it to get rid of those ugly dark circles and frown lines. This will give you a refreshed look and prevent getting drained by your lockdown activities, which are supposed to serve as a break. Try sticking to the eight to nine hours sleep, avoiding any activity that will deprive you of your sleep and rest. Do not take alcohol or coffee at night before your bedtime. Don’t hesitate to seek help either online or from an expert for sleep enhancing exercises and therapies if you constantly have difficulty sleeping.

  • Exercise regularly

Of course, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. It is, therefore, important to stay fit and in good shape. Incorporating regular exercise in your daily self-care routine will make you experience good vibes and ease stress while staying healthy. Get simple workout equipment at home like the treadmill, a cross-training bike, and some dumbbells to enhance your weight training.

Skipping is also a great workout activity, since you may not be able to go for your regular logs and run with your family and friends. You can also download some efficient training apps and thanks to YouTube and Instagram, you can learn some new workout routines and tricks. This will be of great help and effectively replace the gym and the presence of a personal trainer during workout sessions.

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  • Eat well

Resist the urge to adopt bad eating habits during your quarantine. Try staying away from junk food and overly processed foods. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, as these can have a great effect on your skin too. It is advised in this COVID 19 era to take in a lot of vitamins and eat a lot of immune systems boosting diets, including proteins, herbs, and spices. While you’re at it, try out new healthy recipes, as you now have all the time to do so.

  • Drink a lot of water

Water therapy is very difficult for most people. As women, water therapy promotes a glowing, healthy, and smooth skin. Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day keeps you hydrated and healthy. It complements your exercise and workout routines to boost your physical and mental wellness. Make this a habit, and you will come out of lockdown with radiant skin.  

  • Keep a balanced routine

During the lockdown, most people are forced to work from home. You can definitely use this to your advantage by adjusting your daily routine to inculcate some family bonding and self-care activities. This will allow you time to try new hobbies, cook your favourite meals and try new recipes, and perhaps read that book you never had time to read because of your tight work schedule.

Balance your work and personal time, so you do not get overwhelmed with tasks that can increase your anxiety and stress levels. Do this so that you can resume work and your normal activities post lockdown with a refreshed and renewed mind and body.

Be kind to yourself, stay healthy during the lockdown, and make the best out of your quarantine. If you have any serious health concerns and you cannot leave the house, you can book an appointment at Simple Online Doctor to get some clarity on your symptoms and decide the next step forward. Be prepared for the second wave as well.

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