For the last 15 years, public schools have undergone several changes. While the math and reading scores are still low, there is a crisis in public school education which goes beyond these important elements. The 6 things going on at your teen’s school you may not even know about encompasses many things, these are not things we had to deal with when we went to school. Let’s have a look at some of the problems that are currently raising concerns among educators.

Gangs: Whether you realize it or not, this has become a major problem in high schools today. In fact, there are so many different types of gangs that law enforcement can’t keep track. They are preying on the middle schools kids and, depending upon where you live, can be identified by distinctively colored head wear.

Weapons: While some high schools have incorporated metal detectors in high schools, this does not deter the use of weapons. Knives and guns are confiscated on a daily basis.

Sex: From middle school through high school, teens are having sex every day. Whether it occurs in the boys’ bathroom, auditorium, or stairwells, it is a situation that cannot be controlled, and is on-going.

Cameras: To deter teens from cutting school, cameras have been placed in many stairwells, but unfortunately there are not enough funds to place cameras in all stairwells. Thus, the teens know where they are and find other methods to cut classes. Remember, in most high schools that have a population of 2,000 or more, there are not enough security guards to control every exit in the school and teens are cutting school at all hours of the day. In addition, everyone has a camera on their smartphones know, so EVERYTHING and anything your child does at school has the potential to be recorded.

Fighting: Whether in the school yard or stairwells, or even within the hallways, fighting among students is a daily occurrence. Specifically among teen girls, the number of fights per school term is astounding. Moreover, both female and male teens sometimes take their fights to the streets. They have these fights off school property and, in some cases, have caused serious injury to each other. Add another element, a lot of these fights are now captured on cell phone video and then posted online for everyone to see.

Drugs: Depending upon your high school area, drugs are being bought and sold every day. Although there are no statistics to support this, it is occurring and you should be made aware of it.

You may be asking: Why aren’t the schools’ administrators addressing these situations? In fact, they are; every day. The problem stems from the fact that some teens and parents fight the administration because they feel their child has been unduly cited for wrongdoing. Moreover, these teens and parents know the law better than we do, and sometimes use it to their advantage.

Unless and until every parent of every teen becomes intimately involved in their teen’s education, these incidents will never cease. Join the Parent’s Association and make your voice heard. Demand that additional security guards and cameras are installed in every high school; in every bathroom if necessary. The apathy that exists among certain parents is the real problem.

Talk to your teen and find out if they are dealing with any of these issues. Educate yourself, educate them on how to deal with it, and keep the lines of communication open. As a parent that has lived and survived the teen years – keep talking to them and know what is going on in their lives.