Look no further for some easy ways to lean in with these simple steps towards a greener lifestyle. Leading an eco-friendly and natural way of life is a New Year’s Resolution shared by millions at the start of a New Year or anytime you want a change  for the better. If you want to give yourself a realistic shot at achieving that goal, though, you must try to develop a new lifestyle that is convenient.

Here are six of the easiest ways to embrace the natural lifestyle in a sustainable manner.

#1. Install a filter tap

There are plenty of changes that can be made around the home, such as switching to LED lights, to boost your energy efficiency. However, the best home upgrade is to install a water filter tap. This single step encourages you to increase your daily water intake, which is vital for a healthy diet. More importantly, it cuts your plastic waste. In the battle to reduce carbon emissions, this is one of the best upgrades by far.

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#2. Change your beauty products

Daily beauty rituals are a crucial part of your life and will set the tone for your lifestyle as a whole. Products with organic ingredients and ethical manufacturing processes should be top of the list. This means choosing a cruelty-free shampoo, conditioners, and makeup items. In addition to the products themselves, try to consider the applicators. Avoiding plastic where possible is key.

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#3. Use local businesses

Your direct carbon footprint isn’t the only issue to consider. While there are plenty of purchases, where online solutions are fine, you must not ignore the benefits of local businesses. This is especially true when dealing with larger items as the fuel needed to deliver them across the country will cause damage. Supporting local businesses that use ethical steps will indirectly transform your way of life forever and is one of the steps towards a greener lifestyle.

#4. Repair, don’t replace

One of the worst things you can do is send items to landfills prematurely. Whether it’s a faulty kitchen appliance or damaged clothes, repairs are far better for the environment. In many cases, they will also provide a faster and more affordable solution. The results can be taken to a whole new level by upcycling old items too. For example, pallets can become garden furniture. Perfect.

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#5. Embrace nature

The concept of embracing nature can take many forms. It can range from growing fruit and veg in the garden to exercising outside rather than at the gym. Either way, the fresh air is great for your physical and mental wellbeing. Moreover, the chance to live a more natural lifestyle in this way can quickly promote improvements elsewhere. Better still, this move can be great for time efficiency purposes.

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#6. Master plant-based items

Veganism or vegetarianism will work wonders for lots of people. However, meat-eaters can still enjoy a natural and greener lifestyle. They should not be made to feel guilty. Instead, they can look to plant-based health remedies and fashion choices that deliver greener living. The fact that the benefits can be gained without the major lifestyle change of a new diet. In turn, you’ll be more likely to keep it up too.

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You don’t have to implement every upgrade for a better life, just the ones that keep you smiling. You’ve got this. Deploy any of these steps towards a greener lifestyle and start to feel good about the life you are living.