To succeed in any field, productivity is critical and these work from home tips will keep you motivated and inspired. As we know, during the pandemic, almost everyone in the world struggled to get motivated and, more significantly, to stay motivated.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Working from home can be the best thing ever. You don’t have to commute, you can wear your pajamas all day, and it’s easier to stay on top of things like laundry (we’re looking at you guys who wait until Sunday night).

However, many of those working from home are still finding it difficult to conform to their typical habits, and many are now permanently working from home and struggling to keep the motivation going. If you find yourself feeling unmotivated because there are no deadlines or bosses breathing down your neck, these 5 work from home tips will help keep you focused.

Here are five work from home tips to keep yourself motivated and productive while you get your stuff DONE. 

1. Declutter your space 

When you start to implement these work from home tips, take a glance around your desk and the rest of your room. How frequently do you actually use the things you’ve had scattered on your desk for months? Make an effort to clear your area of all the items you don’t use regularly, and you’ll notice how much easier it is to focus on your responsibilities.

The state of a room reflects your mental state. As a result, the cleaner it is, the fewer distractions you’ll encounter while working.

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2. ‘Get ready’ for the day 

As comfortable as it may be, it’s not a great idea to work from home in your pajamas. 

Experts suggest individuals working from home dress for the part and get ready as they would generally do for ‘traditional work’. Of course, that may look different for each person as not everyone works in office settings. But the bottom line is to prepare your mind for the day and help you focus better by separating your work and home life. 

3. Take a break to engage in your favorite activity 

Every 45-60 minutes, take a short break to refresh your mental state and reduce the strain on your eyes.

Do a lap around the room, stretch, or brew a cup of coffee or tea.

Set aside time for lunch or an afternoon break after a few hours of intense work so that your brain can recharge and focus better.

Maybe you enjoy watching Owen Farrell’s game during your downtime or listening to some relaxing music, and meditating does the trick for you. 

Whatever your favorite activity may be, set time aside for it during the day and allow yourself, your brain, and your body to de-stress and relax

4. Connect with friends  

Loneliness is undoubtedly one of the disadvantages of remote working. When you don’t have any friends or coworkers with whom you can talk or bounce ideas, you might start to feel bored and unmotivated. 

Mini breaks from your desk and quick catch-ups with your other work-at-home buddies can help alleviate some of the job’s stresses.

Set a precise time to video chat, contact each other, or catch up via your group chat, and put it on your calendar as a reminder because everyone’s schedules are a little different than typical business hours.

5. Be kind to yourself as you work from home

As more people began working from home, hundreds, if not thousands, of articles, videos, podcasts, and books encouraged and demonstrated productivity methods. Unfortunately, while all of these ideas and how-tos are beneficial to some level, the mindset of being busy all day, every day, can cause worry and burn you out quickly.

We live in unusual times, and there isn’t a manual that explains how everyone should deal with everyday life in a certain way, so be kind to yourself and exercise compassion, even if you’re not feeling 100% and can’t be productive all day. Taking care of yourself daily is essential to keep the mind and body in tune with your goals and affirmations. 

Working from home is great. But unlike a regular place of work, it can be difficult to maintain your motivation and energy levels when you don’t have the typical office environment or routine. Luckily there are a few strategies that can help keep you focused and motivated even if you work at home all day long! Try implementing these work from home tips into your daily routine to stay on track for success. What do you do to stay productive?