When you work to good health, it is a start to living longer and happier. Working to good health means you will get rid of bad habits and substitute with good habits and these 5 Things Women Can Do To Improve Their Health will help . Some of the bad habits include smoking, lack of exercise, poor diet, excess weight, and so forth. When you get rid of these habits, only then can you move to live longer, healthier, and happier.

Colleen Doyle, Director of Nutrition and Physical Activity with The American Cancer Society suggests that the most important 5 Things Women Can Do To Improve Their Health and reduce their cancer risk, include the following in the gallery below…..


Do Not Smoke

dont smoke improve your health

Because heart disease is being identified as the number one killer of women, smoking can be harmful to a woman’s heart health.  There are a number of FDA approved medications like Zyban which can help women stop smoking, as well as skin patches which are also recommended by medical experts.

 Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy

Since diet also plays an important role in women’s health, women need to be smart about eating healthy and food choices so that they will be getting the needed vitamins and minerals for their bodies.

In terms of developing an effective way to start to make better food choices, Doyle recommends writing down everything you eat during the course of the day, in order to help keep track of calories.  Equally important is the process of making observations about your eating habits.  For example, you may need to ask yourself questions such as: How often am I eating high- calories foods during the day?  How much salad dressing am I actually using at lunch, or dinner? How many sweetened beverages have I had today?

Increase Physical Activity

Increase Physical Activity

Most important of all, women need to stay physically active, not only to lose weight, but also to lower their risk for many diseases.  According to the American Cancer Society, there is clear and convincing evidence that physical activity directly reduces the risk of breast and colon cancers.  Research bears out that physical activity is connected to a 10-25% reduction in the risk of breast cancer and a 25-50% reduction of colon cancer.

So what kind of exercise is best? Only you can decide by trying out a few different things such as biking, jogging, pilates, yoga, or just going for a brisk walk. Even 10 minutes a day of exercise can have a benefit, but you need to be consistent.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintain healthy weight

Cutting down on sugary fruit juices and sodas alone can make a significant difference in one’s weight.One of Doyle’s obese clients decided to stop drinking sugary fruit juices and lost 17 pounds in one month.  Doyle uses this example to help underscore the fact that many fruit juices contain high sugar content, and therefore add to your calorie count every day.  Not a good thing if you are determined to keep your weight down for good health.

Reduce Stress Levels

Reduce stress levels

In addition, learn to manage your stress because stress can contribute to strokes.  So if you’ve had a hard day and your children, or husband are getting on your last nerve, take some time for yourself and don’t feel guilty.  Take a warm bath. Go to the mall. Meet a friend for tea, and don’t forget to smile.