Everyone needs time to focus on themselves and these Ted Talks that will boost your confidence are a perfect pick me up. The better you feel about yourself, the more confident you are, the more engaged you become in social situations, other people notice, life improves.

There are no end to the advantages a little self-care can have. Luckily self-improvement does not need to mean you have to make huge life-changing events or even do something that will take up a lot of your time in an already busy lifestyle. 

Here are some straightforward methods for a more confident you, try these out. For more confidence boosting inspiration, check out the 5 Ted Talks that will boost your confidence. 

Enjoy some quiet time  

Take a few minutes every day to completely relax, no television, no music, turn your phone off, step away from the family. Allow all the hustle and bustle of your life to fade away. Think about nothing. Perhaps try a little meditation. Quiet time can help you discover what’s actually important and bring some clarity to your life, and it has the added advantage of reducing stress. 

Enjoy some quiet time 

Change those bad habits and build that Confidence

What are the lifestyle habits you have that are damaging to your health? Perhaps you drink too much alcohol, eat too much fast food, or have too many sweets. Maybe you smoke and want to quit, well you can get shisha kits online as a healthier alternative. Focus on what it is you are doing that damages your health and make small incremental changes.

For example, cut the sugar out of coffee and tea and drink more water. Changing bad habits is not only good for health it has a psychological effect too, in the sense that, you will feel you can achieve anything you put your mind too. So, don’t delay, start working on cutting out those bad habits today.

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Start a hobby

What are you interested in? Most people have some passion or interest that they never pursue. Adding something you enjoy into your life should be a priority as your happiness is paramount. You mood not only affects you, it affects those around you in a multitude of different ways.

Maybe you have always wanted to read that history book or go to a cooking class. Whatever it is, if you embrace your desire to learn or do something new, it will positively improve your life. If you need some inspiration – check out the Amazon best sellers for hobbies

Have a positive word with yourself for self care

Most people suffer from the affliction of that little devil inside them, it whispers malevolently: ‘you’re not good enough,’ ‘pretty enough,’ ‘clever enough,’ but who is? Self-doubt is natural and if you are going to improve your life you need to accept that, not dwell on it. So, next time that little devil tells you you can’t do something, fight back. You can go through a process of negation in your mind.

Instead of being on the side of the negative, argue as if you were on the side of the positive. You may find that the argument you come up with smashes the other one entirely out of the park, and in the process, you might discover something truly amazing about yourself. Every one of us is a unique being, so don’t compare yourself to others, don’t listen to the devil, be you.


Ted Talks That Will Boost Your Confidence


One of the best Ted Talks that will boost your confidence is from the bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck and Get Your Sh*t Together, Sarah Knight, outlines her “NotSorry Method” to stop spending time you don’t have doing things you don’t want to do in her
humorous talk.


The hard choices — what we most fear doing, asking, saying — are very often exactly what we need to do. How can we overcome self-paralysis and take action? Tim Ferriss encourages us to fully envision and write down our fears in detail, in a simple but powerful exercise he calls “fear-setting.” Learn more about how this practice can help you thrive in high-stress environments and separate what you can control from what you cannot.


As the Athletic Director and head coach of the Varsity Soccer team at Ryerson University, Dr. Joseph is often asked what skills he is searching for as a recruiter: is it speed? Strength? Agility? In Dr. Joseph’s TEDx Talk, he explores self confidence and how it is not just the most important skill in athletics, but in our lives.


Elizabeth Gilbert was once an “unpublished diner waitress,” devastated by rejection letters. And yet, in the wake of the success of ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ she found herself identifying strongly with her former self. With beautiful insight, Gilbert reflects on why success can be as disorienting as failure and offers a simple — though hard — way to carry on, regardless of outcomes.


Widely respected for her grab-’em-by-the-collar advice and tough love, Robbins drills through the mental clutter that stands between people and what they want. Her approach is smart, effective and entertaining.

Confidence boosting tip! What I do to get an instant boost is listen to positive, inspiring audio books. I try to listen first thing in the morning, while I am doing chores or commuting. It’s a great way to start the day and the positive vibe stays with me! If you don’t have Audible yet, you can get a free trial.