You need to drink more water because our bodies are made up of about 60% water. This water helps to balance the fluids and aid a range of functions throughout the body. So you’d think that drinking water to sustain this healthy balance would be simple!

In fact, drinking water is the easy part. However, getting people to drink more of it is the challenging bit. Surprisingly, a report suggested that nearly 80% of people think they don’t drink enough water with 41% saying they drank other beverages as a substitute. 

So, with this in mind, we take a look at the health benefits of drinking more water, and how you can get a few more glasses of it into your daily intake. 

1. It delivers oxygen around the body

The blood is, in fact, made up of approximately 90% water and helps to transport oxygen around the body. More water = more oxygen. 

2. Lubricates your joints

You need to drink more water because your joints contain cartilage which contains around 80% water. If you have long term dehydration, these areas can reduce the joints shock-absorbency, which can often lead to joint pain. 

3. Boosts skin health

Dehydration makes your skin drier and more susceptible to skin conditions and premature ageing. You may have heard it a million times by beauty companies about the benefits of using their creams for wrinkles and dry skin. But one of the best ways to boost your skin health is quite simply to drink more water. 

4. It helps your digestive system 

It comes as no surprise that if you feel bloated and bunged up that you’re probably not getting enough water to flush out your bowels efficiently. This can often be confused with needing more fibre in the diet. However, too much fibre without adequate water intake can make the issue worse. Lack of water can also lead to other digestive problems such as heartburn and stomach ulcers. You need to drink more water to keep things moving in the right direction. 

Drink more water

5. It boosts exercise performance

Some studies have suggested that water can help boost fitness performance. While in contrast, dehydration will slow your progress. There are also options such as natural mineral water with magnesium that can help increase your vitamin intake too. So you may not have to reach for the sports drinks to help take you further. 

How to drink more water

You’ve seen lots of benefits of drinking water, but how do you get more into your diet. Fortunately, it’s pretty simple, so take a look:

Choose water with your meal

Mealtime is often a time for treats, so fizzy drinks and alcohol may be on the menu. However, why not switch it up with water and get that much-needed intake while you eat. Drinking more at this time also helps you feel fuller for longer and reduce overeating. 

Use a bottle 

There are lots of reusable bottles you can purchase that have the number of cups measured on the side. This helps you to see how much you’ve drunk and what you need to get your intake up. 

Use an app to remind you

Apps help in lots of ways, including reminding you to drink more. Just download one and set the amount you’d like to drink, and it’ll alert you at intervals throughout the day.