It’s so hard to stay healthy on a long-term basis. Are there things you can do each day that will actually transform your wellness? You might have tried all the fad diets and perhaps even weight bands for your abdomen, but nothing really changed. If anything then it probably negatively impacted your health, and that’s because there’s no quick fix to your well-being.

You have to make lifelong changes if you want to see a lifelong improvement. If you’re looking to make a serious improvement to your well-being this year then here are some simple lifestyle changes that could have a lasting impact on your health transform your wellness.

Eat Filling and Nutritious Meals Everyday

Eat Filling and Nutritious Meals Everyday

The first lifestyle change that could have a lasting impact on your health is to start eating filling and nutritional meals every day. This piece of advice sounds self-evident, but so many people fail to eat properly. That’s because we’re bombarded with so many false “solutions” to eating well in the media.

Fad diets are not the solution. Starving your body is never healthy, and it’s certainly not a sustainable solution. At some point, you’re going to cave in and bounce back to your old diet because you’re so hungry. 

Instead, you need to find a way to eat sufficient meals that are wholesome and nutritional. That way, you’re avoiding empty calories rather than simply avoiding calories in general. Food is not the enemy. You just need to follow a balanced diet.

Opt for whole foods. It can be hard to eat natural and organic meals because even fruit and vegetables are processed to some extent, but they’re still more nutritional options than the mass-manufactured processed food options out there. Get some carrots, broccoli, potatoes, and beans in your meals. Start cooking your food from scratch. It’ll have a lasting impact on your health in the long run.

The Secret to Changing Bad Habits

Avoid Unhealthy Behaviour

You should also start avoiding unhealthy behaviour if you want to change your lifestyle in a way that’ll have a lasting impact on your health. Again, this should go without saying, but many of us turn to unhealthy habits as a way of coping with stressful lives.

The occasional dessert or pint of beer is fine if it’s part of a healthy lifestyle, but you have to moderate yourself. If your habits have become excessive then it might be time to address them. Talk to someone close to you if you need support. You might even want to consider healthier alternatives such as CBD oil if you need a way to alleviate stress. That could be a much better way of dealing with mental or physical pain.


Get Enough Sleep

Get Enough Sleep

The final crucial lifestyle change that we’re going to mention is sleeping properly. If you want to improve your lifelong health then a good sleeping pattern should be your absolute priority. You might think that a restless night can be solved with a cold shower and a strong cup of coffee in the morning, but that isn’t true.

Sleep deprivation weakens your immune system, slows your metabolism, and even impacts your cardiovascular health in a negative way. And the mental effects extend beyond low energy levels; it can amplify health problems such as anxiety and depression. You need to start sleeping properly if you want to improve your physical and emotional state and transform your wellness.

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Why Women Need to Exercise

It is a well known fact that exercise offers positive health benefits for women.  Not only will exercise help you battle unwanted pounds, but it will also help you fight diseases such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, respiratory ailments and more.

The truth is, moderate exercise done on a consistent basis will have positive effects on your health and you don’t have to become a trained Olympian, or compete in a marathon to see overall improvement in well-being.

Research has proven that moderate exercise helps boost the immune system.  It is interesting to note that the lack of exercise poses a greater health risk to women than smoking does.  There are also some alarming statistics related to the lack of exercise.  For example, a University of Hong Kong and Department of Health Study showed that lack of exercise increased the risk of dying from cancer in 28% of women.

The study also showed that 75% of women who did not exercise ran a greater risk of dying from respiratory ailments.  The risk of dying from heart disease was 28% higher for women who did no physical activity.

Why Women Need to Exercise

Numbers like these can motivate any woman to sign up for a membership at the local gym, but bear in mind, even consistent sessions of brisk walking, or jogging can be helpful.  You don’t always need to spend money on expensive equipment.

There are many exercise programs that do not require any outlay of money, and jogging is one of them.  Just make sure you have a good pair of comfortable sneakers that can manage wear and tear.  Don’t expect to jog ten miles the first day. Start slowly and gradually increase distance.  The same holds true for brisk walking. Find a buddy for support.

It is suggested that 30 minutes a day of exercise is needed to be able to observe weight loss, and of course 60 minutes a day, if you are ready to manage it, will give you the best results and will definitely transform your wellness.

Many studies have shown that exercise, but especially weight and strength training can help improve bone strength and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.  Start with a just a few repetitions with light weights of about 2- 5 lbs and gradually increase the reps.

Dr. Barry A. Franklin of William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan, noted that weight training helps improve cardiovascular health by lowering levels of LDL cholesterol, known also as “bad” cholesterol.

Most important of all, it is important for women to maintain a healthy body weight for many health reasons including reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Flossing Your Teeth Can Help Prevent Heart Disease


Flossing Your Teeth Can Help Prevent Heart Disease

Inflammation in your mouth and gums can not only lead to bad breath and gum disease but it can also be a major contributor to damaged arteries by raising your body’s inflammatory biomarkers. The same bacteria associated with advanced gum disease has also been found in diseased human heart tissue. Pretty crazy, right?

Well, if this doesn’t give you reason enough to floss, then you must be one heck of a risk taker. It only takes 2 minutes a day…. just 2 minutes a day!! That’s all you need to reduce the risk of chronic disease AND help you to have a great smile and breath to go with it!

The last daily habit I would suggest to transform your wellness, a bonus if you will, is to find time to meditate or at least sit in stillness a for a few minute everyday. Another option it to go to into nature. It will bring all the other things you are doing for your health together in mind, body and spirit, not that is truly transformation.