You are probably looking at ways to get fit at home right? Throughout 2020, huge numbers of people from all around the world have found themselves stranded at home for much of the year – an unwelcome development that has brought with it plenty of fear, uncertainty, and trouble.

Whether you are still stuck at home due to lockdown and quarantine measures, or whether you are now in a position where you are working from home more routinely for other reasons, one of the biggest hurdles that often faces people in this situation is figuring out how to get, and remain fit at home.

Here are a few tips and suggestions on getting fit at home, and sticking with your home-based fitness routine. Even post 2020 these are some good tips to keep in mind.

Take advantage of modern fitness apps and online services to get fit at home

One of the great things about the power and widespread availability of the Internet these days, is that all sorts of services are now available online, including Expert PT services featuring video calls, and an assortment of modern fitness apps suited to a variety of different devices.

If it’s practical for you to utilize these services, you should certainly consider taking advantage of them – is, in many cases, they can completely replace the need for in-person coaching while giving structure and motivation to your workouts, and helping you to stay on top of things and to get fit at home.

Depending on the particular path you choose to go down, you could also pair these web-based services with a wearable fitness tracker.

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Dive into the world of bodyweight exercise and minimalistic training

There is a widespread idea out there that, in order to get really fit and stay really fit, it’s necessary to utilize a wide variety of complex machines, pieces of equipment, different types of weights, home gym mirrors and all the rest.

While there certainly can be benefits to using a broad assortment of equipment – the truth is that the things your body needs in order to build muscle, lose fat, or increase endurance, are actually very few. Some form of incrementally increasing physical resistance, some level of cardiovascular exertion, and calorie control, are pretty much what comes down to.

By diving into the world of bodyweight exercise and minimalistic training, you will quickly find that you need very little – if any – equipment to actually make major fitness strides. In all likelihood, you have just about everything you need in your home right now.

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Be sure to emphasize diet and consistency first and foremost

There must be a million or more different workout routines out there, and all sorts of exercise philosophies regarding the best way to train in order to experience optimal results.

When it comes to building muscle or losing fat, however, diet and consistency are arguably the most important factors. It is certainly true that diet is the most important factor, by far, with regards to losing fat – and even the most well-structured resistance program in the world is unlikely to get you much new muscle if you aren’t eating enough food.

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Likewise, training hard a couple of times a month isn’t going to do much, but training on a consistent schedule likely will help you get fit at home – even if your workout routine isn’t totally “optimal.”