There are many ways to stop wasting time but first you need to be aware that you are doing it and second, you have to want to do something about it. For example, if you were a teacher, you could appreciate why time is so valuable. With the bell ringing every 40 minutes, you would be constantly reminded how fast the end of the day is approaching, and you haven’t had a chance to ascertain if the time was well spent.

At the same time, you can learn certain techniques to avoid wasting those precious minutes and become better equipped in handling the students, the workload, and the constant demands placed upon you.

Learning to value your time is an important as teaching a class of students. Conversely you can also waste valuable time, much to the detriment of your students and yourself.

Here are just a few examples of how you can avoid wasting time; time that could be make a difference in your daily life.

14 Ways to Stop Wasting Time for Women 


Think about the task before starting it.


Try not to handle too many things at once.


Do not begin a new project before completing the first one.


Finish a project; don’t leave it hanging.


Try not to double up on needless paperwork; keep it simple.


Do not try to do everything yourself; delegate.


Try to focus on the task at hand; avoid interruptions.


When someone is speaking to you; listen fully without thinking of other matters. In this way nothing will have to be repeated.


When running errands, call ahead to ensure your items are ready, if applicable.


Schedule appointments either in the early morning or after lunch to avoid waiting.


Ensure your home is clutter free; spending time looking for something is wasteful.


Make lunch for the kids at night.


Put your clothes out at night for the next morning.


Ensure your car has plenty of gas at all times.

Time is a valuable resource; one in which we either have too much of or not enough. There are hundreds of insightful words surrounding the word time, and yet we never think about them until it’s too late.

It seems time only becomes important when someone we love is ill; or dying. When we are young, time is endless. As we get older, we hunger for more. In emergencies, “time is of the essence.” During the 9/11 tragedy, time stood still.

Think back to Rod Serling’s episode on The Twilight Zone. The story involved a banker who loved to read; but his wife hated him doing so. Every day for lunch he would go down to the vault, step inside, and read his book. One day the earth was decimated by a bomb. The only survivor, he walked for miles until he eventually came across the New York Public Library. Ecstatically, he piled all of the books according to each year it would take him to read them all. Seeing one book under a cracked step, he reached down to grab it, and his bifocals fell off. In his attempt to pick them up, he stepped on and smashed them. “All I wanted was time,” he cried.

We have only listed 14 Ways to Stop Wasting Time for Women, I am sure you can suggest even more.