over 40 and stressed

Over 40 and Stressed?

Unfortunately, there are many times in our lives when stress creeps in and causes great angst. If you are over 40 and stressed you are not alone. L…


If you are looking for the best website geared for women 40+ then come and join a community of women at i40Club who  share your joys, your interests and your concerns. We know that as a woman over 40 you may be dealing with many different changes in your life, your health, your outlook on just about everything and what most consumes you at this beautiful stage in your life

If you are a woman over 40 then we have the information and support you are looking for as you go through these lifestyle changes – it is inevitable. It might be light-hearted such as the best haircuts for women over 40, fashion over 40 or beauty over 40 and anti-ageing tips and advice. Or it may be more stressful – do you find yourself ready to date over 40 and need to navigate the online world? Or how about finances – are you dealing with kids in college or trying to save for retirement? Is 40 too late to save or make more money (no and no by the way:) i40Club also has health related information specific for women 40 and over such as weight loss for women over 40, pregnancy over 40 and of course menopause, the good, the bad and the ugly! How to cope with hot flashes and what it all means for you as a woman 40 or older. Hormones and weight gain after 40 can happen but there are things you can do about it too. How are you handling difficult social or intimate situations? How is your mojo lately? You KNOW what I’m talking about….

Or maybe what you are seeking is more meaningful such as how to live you live with more passion, how to reinvent who you are so your dreams are still alive – I PROMISE you, 40 is not too late. Come along on this journey with us and live your best life, after you turn 40 and beyond! Forty is fabulous – really!