Tuesday, December 12, 2017
11 Hottest Hairstyles for Women Over 40

11 Hottest Hairstyles for Women Over 40

  So you may wonder why choosing  right hairstyles for women over 40 is important. Well first of all, when women are in their teens...
How to Burn Belly Fat Fast

How to Burn Belly Fat Fast

Are you looking to find a way to burn belly fat fast? Like 450% fast? What if I told you that there was one...


use your passion

Use Your Passion to Get What You Want in Life

Whatever it is you want, get ready for it. Make a place for it in your life. Get comfortable with the idea of having...

Share and Get More Entries to Win a Simply Fit Board

Simply Fit Board Giveaway! Win a Simply Fit Board ~ The Easy & Fun Way To Exercise With A Twist! Want more chances to win? Share...
Prevent Postpartum Depression

What Can I do to Prevent Postpartum Depression?

   If you just had a baby  and you expected to be full of joy and happiness after giving birth, it can be unsettling and confusing when truth...

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Nutrition and Diets

eat more fish

Easy Tips For Getting More Fish Into Your Diet

Many women over 40 tend to eat twice as many fish dinners at restaurants as they do at home largely because they are unsure...
4 sugar substitutes

Top 4 Sugar Substitutes

  Want a delicious sweet desert but without the carbs and calories of sugar? This list of the top 4 sugar substitutes will let you make amazing...
chocolate is good for you

Chocolate is Good For You – Really!!

There is great news for chocolate lovers...Chocolate is good for you and your health! Now, we are not talking here about a candy bar...
Five Things Women Can Do To Improve Their Health After 40

5 Things Women Can Do To Improve Their Health After 40

When you work to good health, it is a start to living longer and happier....
resitance training for women over 40

Tips For Resistance Training For Women Over 40

Strength training has a lot of advantages for women, and particularly resistance training for women...
5 Minute Fat Burning Workout

5 Minute Fat Burning Workout At Home

Why do a 5 minute fat burning workout? Working out in gym is great fun...
What Women 40+ Need to Know About Cholesterol

What Women 40+ Need to Know About Cholesterol

According to The American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease causes the death of more than 500,000...
Exercise Routines For Women

5 Must Try Exercise Routines For Women

We are women right? We are made a little different and whatever exercise routines we...


Self Improvement

goal setting list

How to Focus on Your Goals and Achieve More

When asked what your New Year's resolution is, you may say "exercise more often." That is not a goal, but a vague statement. If...
Eat Your Way To a Healthy Sex Life

Eat Your Way To a Healthy Sex Life – Sex Vitamins...

Every woman wants a healthy and active sex life, but all too often, we forget that we cannot enjoy lovemaking if we aren't physically...
Raising Financially Savvy Teenagers

5 Tips for Raising Financially Savvy Teenagers

It's hard to teach teenagers something that they don't think they already know. Parents are seen as ignorant of what is important to them....
date your husband

Go on a Date With your Husband!

Has the romance gone out of your marriage? Have you both settled into a routine wherein conversation and late night cuddling has become a...